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The Nemkhav People are an ethnic group native to northwest Europe, in particular the island of Ireland. While they reside on the island a share many customs of the Irish people, they are distinct. They are descended from a tribe that supposedly arrived on the shores of Ireland three thousand years ago from the Caspian Sea coast. There are few facts to support this, as stories of early Nemkhavs have been passed down by word of mouth through the ages.


The Nemkhav people have been living on the island of Ireland for thousands of years, but it is not their place of origin. Legend has it that the Nemkhav people arrived at the same time as the Irish mythical figure 'Nemed', who had sailed from the Caspian Sea. Scholars have agreed that there must be some connection between this myth and the Nemkhavs as they are today, but it remains a mystery. In Nemkhav tradition, it is referred to as the Eastern Question.

The Nemkhavs existed among the Irish people for many centures, adopting closely their customs and passions. All through this time, they maintained their nationhood but did not have a state to call home. Only when the figure of Marka Mejakhansk arose among the Nemkhavs did they finally begin preparations for statehood.

In the time since the nation's founding, the Nemkhavs have turned their settlement into a vibrant land of culture and art, the kind of land spoken of in legend.


While Nemkhavs share many cultural similarities with the Irish, they are distinct in some ways.


In Nemkhav society, very much emphasis is placed on the family. The people are very proud of their heritage, with some families (including the family of the current Nemkhav leader) being able to trace their families far back into the annals of time. Within the family, the Grandfather is generally accepted as the head of the household, being the oldest male in the family. This role is purely symbolic, however, as Nemkhav society place emphasis upon the fact that men and women are completely equal.


Nemkhav people generally live in close-knit groups, akin to the 'tribes' of old days. Within a community, elders will often band together to offer guidance to the younger generations. In the modern context, the elder residents of the large cities in Nemkhavia are often looked to for assistance and guidance.


Music plays a large role in Nemkhav society, with vibrant musical ceremonies a common part of family and public life. The art of classical music is the most practiced form of music in modern Nemkhavia. Generally in each community, there will be musicians that band together to share their skills with the younger generation. According to scholars, as far back as records have existed there have been talented musicians in Nemkhav society.


Legends play a very important part in Nemkhav society for thousands of years. From the day they are born, each Nemkhav child is told the legends of his/her forefathers. With the dwindling number of Nemkhavs in the world, great emphasis is placed on ensuring that knowledge is passed on.

Some of the most important figures in Nemkhav legend are the Irish figure Nemed, known as Nemskha of the Sea to Nemkhavs, and Chrysinkha, Lady of the Mountain. Nemed is revered as the man who brought the Nemkhav people from their mysterious beginnings on the coast of the Caspian Sea to the shores of the island of Ireland, while Chrysinkha is hailed in history as the goddess whom watched over the Nemkhavs in their new home on the slopes of the Wicklow Mountains (Where Nemkhavia stands today).

Another figure is Sjamus The Brave who, according to legend, was the first mate of Nemskha's ship. It was he who travelled north and founded the green and lush land that is now referred to as Cooley by Nemkhavs. It is said that he laid his sword down on the side of the great mountain of the north, and green trees grew before his eyes. This place is now marked by a stone supposedly bearing the mark of Sjamus.

Prominent Nemkhavs

Amongst the most well known of the Nemkhav people are: