Samuel Azehtyla

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Samuel Azehtyla OBS MAO
In Cincinnati, 2012
Former Statesman, Micronationalist
Personal information
Born 24 August 1998 (1998-08-24) (age 25)
Citizenship American
Residence Cincinnati
Religion Agnostic

Samuel Azehtyla OBS (born as Samuel Azehtyla) was the Guide of Azehtyl and Supreme Judge of the Free State of Renasia, however he held many other previous titles and positions as well before his eventual departure from micronationalism in 2014.

Micronational career

(Needs revisions) Samuel served as Emperor of The Empirical Diarchy of Ohio. Then he served as Chairman in The Liberal Leftist Party in The Federal Republic of Vian. After the transition to a territory of St. Charlie he served as Governor. Samuel I is Premier and Representative of The District of Vian. Since he has been the last citizen of Vian he declared that Vian is now an absolute monarchy that controls a treehouse bordering the District of Vian. Therefor he is Baron of Vian as well. He founded and now owns Escitrar Dried Foods Inc. He holds the title of Pater Patriae, or father of the fatherland. he is also Commissioner of the Provisional Security Commission.When the government was transitioning to a socialist state he served as Premier. In said position he basically served as a keeper of order. He also headed the Transitional Citizens Council.On May 21, 2011 Escitrar transitioned to a Kingdom, however the first monarch proved inadequate and he ascended the throne with the Regnal name Paul II. On July 22, after negotiations with Nemkhavia, Samuel I signed the papers that ceded Escitrar to Nemkhavia as the Kingdom of Vian, with samuel taking the title: Samuel I, King of the Vianese. Alternatively: King Samuel I. In early september, with party politics brewing in Nemkhavia, smaule founded the Social Federalist Meritocratic Party. On September 22, exactly 3 months after the ascension of the Kingdom, the Eastern and Western provinces wer captured and the Kingdom became an Imperium. On October 16 2011 the Statutes of Vianese Law were passed, guaranteeing a direct democratic National Assembly, a Supreme Court, a limit on the Monarchs powers, the creation of the Senate and the ability of the Senate to vote in the new Monarch. He was voted in as Caesar the day after the Statutes were passed. On November 21 2011 he was elected President of the Nemkhav Federation. He left in January 2012, the Kingdom of West Germania left the Nemkhav Federation with Vian (Now the Duchy of Stonland) and created the Saxon Empire, with the Duke of Stonland and the King of West Germania becoming Co-Emperors. Samuel became an overseas citizen of Gishabrun in February 2012. After Norwood joined St.Charlie in 2012, Sam became President of Norwood, but eventually left and Joined Renasia in February 2013, becoming Supreme Judge. In Renasia he founded The City State of Azehtyl, the ITAA and Azehtyl'n Paganism.

Full Title

Samuel Azehtyla OBS MAO