New Scientopia

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New Scientopia
2008 - 2009

Capital Proteus

Official language English

Demonym Scientopian

Government Weighted Democracy
Tsar Jacob Tierney

Currency Intang

Historical era Early-Wiki
– Established 17 September 2008
– Disestablished 20 December 2009

Preceded by Scientopia
Succeeded by Renasia

New Scientopia, formerly but still commonly known as Scientopia, was a micronational state that was established on September 17, 2008 and was based in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Founded on the principles of progressive scientific and active technological development, New Scientopia took pride in itself on being a nation that espouses scientific method with political theory and governance, standing for logical and rational socio-economic development. New Scientopia was also one of the most notable members of the current MicroWiki Community, has been extremely active in intermicronational affairs and established strong bilateral ties with a number of other micronations, and Scientopia was recognised as the leader of the highly successful Grand Unified Micronational.

Since its foundation, the nation was led by Tzar Royalé Jacob Tierney, with Suzerain Josh Lee serving as a form of subordinate co-regent. Traditionally, Scientopia's internal development was seen as being focused chiefly on the development of new technologies and the building of the foundation for a strong national economy. In recent times, however, the Scientopian government has begun the process of reforming the State towards a more democratic environment, with Jacob Tierney dedicating more time to progressive socio-economic development. Notably, Scientopia joined the ranks of the numerous MicroWiki nations who claim to be adherents of Socialism, although Scientopia was by no means a Socialist State (and has in fact attracted some criticism for not adhering to true Socialism). Cultural development was also a priority of the national government, which was most notable in the development of the Scientopian Language Project, an initiative that was highly innovative in the way it approached new language construction.


Scientopia was founded on September 17 2008 by Jacob Tierney, with the intention of creating a micronation that would focus chiefly on scientific and technological development. The original Scientopian state was largely autocratic, with the government being unilaterally appointed by a non-elected leadership. Tzar Tierney recognised that although this allowed the nation's founders to maintain control over the direction of the nation, it would not be an effective of governance otherwise and as such the concept of Weighted Democracy was developed to allow lower government officials and the general population to have a direct influence on government policy. From the day of it's foundation Scientopia became actively involved in the greater intermicronational community and established bilateral ties with other nations emerging around the same time period, the Republic of Petorio, the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia and similar states being notable examples.

Exactly a month after the nation's establishment the Scientopian government established the Scientos Neuvas Aeronautics and Space Centre, an enterprise that the government described as being in charge of it's "official space program" and having the goal of developing and successfuly testing some form of a sophisticated rocket by the year 2020. Since foundation the Centre has been involved in various projects with the Scientopian Aeronautics and Space Agency, working to develop new technologies for use by the Scientopian government. In December 2008-January 2009 Scientopia was actively involved in an attempt to unite members of the MicroWiki Community by establishing a large intermicronational organisation - these efforts are now considered to have been enormously successful, resulting in the foundation of the Grand Unified Micronational, an institution that has had a major impact on the wiki's community.

Scientopia became embroiled in a major international dispute in February 2009 when the Scientopian government, concerned about the political platform of the Empire of New Europe, became involved with rebels within the Erusian political sphere to expose an excerpt from a meeting of the Empire's central legislature. This excerpt appeared to suggest that the Empire's government was fundamentally racist and advocated white nationalism, leading Scientopia to assist in a campaign to bring this record to the attention of the greater community. The exposure of the record resulted in a trial for the Empire of New Europe by the GUM which resulted in their expulsion - at the same trial, however, it was revealed that the intelligence services of the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics had found conclusive evidence that Scientopia had exposed the data, resulting in their temporary suspension.

Immediately after the GUM authorised Scientopia to return to its active membership, the nation went to war with New Europe in a conflict now known as the Meissner-Antifan War, asserting that national laws and policies obliged them to go to war with New Europe. This conflict caused a great rift in the MicroWiki Community and came close to escalating into an intercontinental micronational war involving the majority of the community. Initially, support for Scientopia was strong but as the war escalated support for both sides began to drop away - a day after the USMR declared it was now supporting New Europe, Scientopia and the Empire agreed to compromise and the conflict came to a close. Although the intermicronational reputation of Scientopia may have been damaged, it quickly recovered and as of May 2009 no nation has been shown to bare any ill will towards them or New Europe because of the war's events. The next month, Scientopia joined the Empire of New Europe in the war against Camuria, demonstrating the two nations had reconciled in the face of a common enemy. The conflict resulted in a truce between the major belligerents but is generally believed to have gone in favour of New Europe and her allies.

When the community once more entered into a period of general peace and political stability, the Scientopian government - with the assistance of the Scientopian People's Front, a small Communist movement within the nation - began the process of opening up the State more through internal if somewhat limited democratic reform. In recent months the government has demonstrated a greater commitment to social development (Scientopia had, and continues to, pursue economic development from the early days of her existence), adopting Democracy and Socialism as the basis of its new socio-economic system.

In April 2009, Scientopia found itself plagued by a potentially fatal political division. The national government, in particular Tzar Tierney, had long been uncomfortable with the incumbent Supreme Overlord Proud, a senior leader who they felt was not truly dedicated to the ideals of the nation. It was decided that he should be removed and replaced by now-Suzerain Josh Lee - Proud responded by declaring that he was breaking away from the national government to establish "PartyHardtopia", a nation that has been met with great criticism from Scientopia's numerous micronational allies. In light of the event, which the government terms the Scientopian Divide, Tzar Tierney renamed the nation to New Scientopia and began the process of recruiting new, more serious citizens.

Scientopian Divide

On Thursday, 9 April, the nation of Scientopia fell to pieces. The removal of Supreme Overlord Proud from his Throne to replace him with Josh Lee caused him to split from Scientopian mainland and form the more light-hearted, PartyHardtopia. He took his flag and left Scientopia with the majority of the inactive citizens. Tsar Jacob Tierney hence formed New Scientopia to carry on old scientopian ideals and to keep the goals of founding alive.

Community Absence

Between September and December 2009, Scientopia, due to a lack of participation and due to a heavily overworked Tzar, fell into disrepair. It made no appearance in any major issues and its member base collapsed.


Serious Business

Serious Business is a defunct micronational newspaper. It was run by Scientopia, and articles were written by any citizen who was bothered to write one, or by anyone from any other nation who requested a guest column.


All editions of Serious Business can be found here.


The Scientopian government was, especially in the aftermath of the Scientopian Divide, working on the development of a socio-economic system it terms Calliduesceptruism. This ideological system was supposedly based upon the principles of Democracy, Socialism, Gift Economics and Secularism. However, serious problems arose which proved the system impractical, and so later, under the same name, a second version was being drawn up. This sacrificed both gift economics and a lot of socialism, which are replaced with sustainable development, a pro small business, anti large corporation stance, and a simpler taxation system. The intang was also planned to be dropped and replaced by the Aurum. During these reforms, New Scientopia claimed to have became a moneyless, true democracy.

The Scientopian government took hardline stances on a number of controversial issues, in particular those that concern religion. It was an Atheist State in the most literal sense of the word, forbidding all forms of religious instruction (including the reading of major religious materials) to those under the age of 18 and some feel that the Scientopian government is in fact antitheist. The government is also pro-eugenics, in as much as they promote the use of current technology to eradicate genetic disease and to create a constantly improving populous, so that they may solve problems we are not clever enough to solve ourselves. There will be laws in place to prevent the marginalization of people who choose not to be genetically altered. People will be respected as equal as there must be genetic diversity in the gene pool, to prevent increased vulnerability to disease.


Scientopia was allied with the following nations:

Top Trumps

Scientopia was planned to be featured as a nation in a set of micronational Top Trumps.

NSSN- New Scientopian Science Network

The New Scientopian Science Network was a Scientopian television channel that presented a range of shows on science, including hit YouTube series like "Why do people laugh at creationists?", "Elementary Productions" and many more. It could be found at


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