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Pegged to(((x+y²)+z)*w)/(u+R)

The Intang was a unit of currency used by the people of Scientopia. It was to be made of stainless steel or zinc, being that these are cheap metals to use, and maintain their shine. It was discontinued in July 2009, with its replacement, the Aurum, stepping in.

Working Out Your Pay

Salary in Intang is Worked out like this :



Where :

x = Number of Hours Worked

y = Skill Level of Work Out of 10

z = Usefulness of Job Out of 10

w = Intelligence Quotient

u = Number of Criminal Charges To Your Name

R = Constant of Balance

All Scales of Usefullness And Skill Are To Be Decided By High Parliament.

Coin Designs

1 Intang.jpg
5 intang.jpg
10 Intang.jpg
25 Intang.jpg