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Renasian Technical
State-owned corporation
Founded14 November 2011
Defunct5 May 2015
Egtavia Province, Renasia Proper
OwnerPetya d'Egtavie
ParentMultiplex Technical

RenTech, or as it was more formally known, Renasian Technical or even Renasian Technical Laboratories, was the premier science research facility of the Free State of Renasia. It was foremost an institute for research, funded by the Renasian Government, with plans to become a fully independent scientific contractor, advisory body and company. The laboratories were split into several divisions, each dealing with specific areas of research and production. It was originally set up to design weapons and other equipment for a prospective Renasian Army. However, over time, this goal morphed, and the Institute's aims diversified significantly.

RenTech was dissolved with the dissolution of the Free State of Renasia on 5 May 2015.

Renasian Chemistry Labs


"To create a center of micronational excellence in the practice of chemistry, be it synthetic, organic, inorganic, analytical or otherwise, with the possibility to act as a reference body to other micronations, a contractor for other organisations, a teaching facility for others or a chemical manufacturer."

Active Projects as of May 2015

  • Renasian Currency Ink Development
  • REC-gel
  • Gneissite

Renasian Spatial Division


"To design, construct and fly rockets entirely made within Renasia, and to advance the general efforts of micronational rocketry, aero- and astrodynamics. To set up an observatory and a small library to act as a learning facility for Renasians and foreign nationals. To reach 100km before 2015."

Active Projects as of May 2015

  • Eagle Series

Renasian Technical N-Ops


"To establish a facility to create items for the sake of national security, and to create technology useful to intelligence services in Renasia. To act as the Renasian intelligence forces until such a time a full intelligence service is established. To keep track of other nations progress, and to analyze this data to keep Renasia at the forefront of technology, hopefully ahead of the curve."

Renasian Technical Computing


"To act as an information technology center for the Renasian people. To maintain Renasian web presence and keep Her safe from cyber threat. To maximise the streamlining of the Intelligence Services in recovering information. To prevent sensitive digital documents of Renasian origin or otherwise falling into hands in which is would be ill advised to reside."