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The Guntanu'tl of the Free State of Renasia
Coat of arms or logo
TypeUnicameral Council
ChancellorKuri Kabanov
since 2013
MeritarchPierre d'Egtavie
since 2014
Guntanu'tl Last electionJanuary 2015
Meeting place
Renasian Fora

The Guntanu'tl of the Free State of Renasia is the name for the unicameral legislature of the Free State of Renasia. It is a unicameral legislature composed of the the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Meritarch, Vice Meritarch and the Supreme Judge.


The name "Guntanu'tl" means "intelligent council" in Veletan. It consists of the roots "gun" (mind) and "tan" (group of people), with the linking vowel u' marking the previous as a proper noun, and the "tl" ending to indicate the absolutive case (even though the word does not decline in English).


The Guntanu'tl consists of five people, which are:

  • The Meritarch - the person with the highest meritocratic rating in Renasia.
  • The Vice-Meritarch - the second-highest-rated individual, who forms the Meritarchy together with the Meritarch.
  • The Chancellor - the person with the greatest amount of votes in the yearly elections.
  • The Vice Chancellor - the Chancellor's runner-up, who forms the Chancellery together with the Chancellor.
  • The Supreme Judge - appointed by the other four members.

The Guntanu'tl has had the following members since its establishment on March 11, 2013:

Meritarch Chancellor Vice Meritarch Vice Chancellor Supreme Judge Notes
11 Mar 2013 -
26 Oct 2013
Jacob Tierney Kuri Kabanov Luke Hackel Sovetus of Gishabrun Samuel Azehtyla Guntanu'tl established, Chancellor elections occur, Supreme Judge appointed. Pierre chose not to become Vice Meritarch despite having the second-highest rating.
26 Oct 2013 -
1 Jan 2014
Luke Hackel Kuri Kabanov Pierre d'Egtavie Sovetus of Gishabrun Samuel Azehtyla Jacob leaves Renasia, new Meritarch and Vice chosen by their ratings. Pierre chooses not to become Meritarch despite having the highest rating, but accepts the position of Vice Meritarch.
1 Jan 2014 -
15 May 2014
Luke Hackel Kuri Kabanov Pierre d'Egtavie Riley Small Samuel Azehtyla Chancellor elections occur again. Riley is Kuri's runner-up.
15 May 2014 -
25 May 2014
Pierre d'Egtavie Kuri Kabanov Luke Hackel Riley Small Samuel Azehtyla Pierre, who had previously chosen not to become Meritarch, opts into this position and become Meritarch as indicated by his rating, making Luke become Vice.
25 May 2014 -
Pierre d'Egtavie Kuri Kabanov Jacob Tierney Riley Small Samuel Azehtyla Jacob returns to Renasia, keeping his old rating. He opts not to become Meritarch, but accepts the position of Vice Meritarch.


There are very few actions that can be carried out without the approval of the Guntanu'tl. Among the actions which require a vote in this legislature are:

  • Declarations of War
  • Extending of diplomatic relations
  • Severing of diplomatic relations
  • Declaring a state of emergency
  • Creation of Tax Laws
  • Sanction Loans
  • Set procedure for Naturalisation
  • To call up the Armed Forces

Parliamentary Committees

Joint Committees are Committees created for a specific purposes composed of members of the Guntanu'tl. At the moment there are no active Parliamentary Committees and there never have been any. Joint Committees may be created by a motion of the Guntanu'tl.