Veletan language

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Regulated byVeletan Order
Spoken inGishabrun, Renasia
Total speakers0

The Veletan language (Veltanepizu'tl) is a constructed language created by Knyaz Kuri Kabanov and used for naming conventions in the Veletan Order. It was also a national language of Renasia. Veletan never had any fluent speakers and fell into disuse with the dissolution of Renasia on May 5th, 2015.


The Veletan language can be written in two different scripts, a script created specifically for Veletan (which is used on physical documents and any writing on paper or physical media) and a latin script (which is used on the internet and virtual documents due to limitations of computers). Below is the latin alphabet version.

Majuscule Forms (also called uppercase or capital letters)
L N T U H M E I O' X C Z J V A N' O R S P G R' F B A' U'
Minuscule Forms (also called lowercase or small letters)
l n t u h m e i o' x c z j v a n' o r s p g r' f b a' u'



  Bilabial Labio-
Alveolar Palato-
Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal m   n   ŋ  
Stop voiceless p   t   k ʔ
voiced b ɡ
Fricative voiceless f s ʃ h
voiced v z ʒ ʁ
Approximant   l


Front Back
plain round
Close i y u
Close-mid     o
Open-mid ɛ œ  
Near-open æ    
Open a

There are no diphthongs in Veletan.


Grammar at a glance
Morphological typologyAgglutinative
Morphosyntactic alignmentErgative
Head directionInitial
Constituent orderVSO
Tucujr r'omujruvj n'epuzmunpunj zo'gujc hizutl lerugz jullogugzuvj.
Tuc-jr r'om-jr-vj n'ep-zm-np-nj zo'g-jc hiz-tl ler-gz jul-log-gz-vj.
freedom.ADV equality.ADV life.PRES.INHC.PROG whole.CLAS person.ABS honour.COND abstraction.requirement.COND.COM
'All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.'

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