Eridu SAR

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Coat of arms

Dots indicate FS Renasian Claims, Eridu in Brown
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDirect Democracy
• Citizen
Joshua Isaac
• Census
Time zone(EST)
This nation was a SAR of the Free State of Renasia

Eridu (or Eridu SAR) was a Special Autonomous Region within the Free State of Renasia. It was accepted by the Guntanu'tl on 15 August 2014, going on to sign its SAR treaty 16 August 2014, thereby formalizing its role as an SAR within the Free State of Renasia as a whole. Eridu was a socialist state, aiming to apply socialist, communal and anti-materialistic economic and cultural values within its borders: including its development of technologies that will promote nonviolent change on Earth and the improvement of life for all people. These include self-replication, energy technology, and space technology, as feasible. In common with Renasia it holds in esteem Enlightenment values, minarchism and technocracy as important parts of political life.

Eridu SAR currently has one citizen, Joshua Isaac. It was disestablished with the dissolution of Renasia on May 5th, 2015.


Eridu comes from the Sumerian eridu; this could be translated as "mighty place" or "guidance place". The name is taken from the ancient Sumerian city of Eridu, argued by some to be the oldest city in the world, and listed in the Sumerian king list as the city of the first kings.