Emperor of Saxony

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Emperor of the Saxon Empire
Markus II
StyleHis Majesty
First monarchPenda and Sighere
Formation18th January 2012

The Emperor of the Saxon Empire is the head of state and government of the Empire. The current Emperor is Markus II.


As Saxony is a parliamentary semi-constitutional diarchy, the Emperor enjoys a wide variety of powers. As there is no constitution at the moment, the Emperor enjoys an even wider variety of powers, ruling from Decrees which can only be overthrown by the Imperial Council.

List of Emperors

Image Name Life Became Monarch Ceased to be Monarch Method of accession House Saxon constituent country/colony
Sighere 24 August 1998
18 January 2012 4 June 2012 Founded Saxony Azehtyla Duchy of Stonland
Pandora 1994
4 June 2012 2012 Selected by ex-Emperor, Sighere Paradox None
Penda 1992
18 January 2012 1 March 2013 Founded Saxony Hardrada Kingdom of West Germania
Markus[1] 1998
1 March 2013; 10 August 2015 Incumbent Emperor of New Israel Unknown None