Pandora Paradox

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Pandora Paradox
Co-Emperor of Saxony; King of Neptune; King of Iskwania, Tavardia, and Isvik; Prince of Aika; Minister of Theodia
Paradox pre-2013
King of Iskwan, Iskwania, Tavadia, Isvik
Reign2005 – 2006
King of Neptune
Reign30 March 2012 – sometime in 2012
Prince of Aika
Reign2 April – 13 April 2012
Co-Emperor of Saxon Empire
Reign4 June 2012 – sometime in 2012
Minister of Theodia
In office
July 2012 – sometime in 2012
In office
12 July 2013 – 13 July 2013
Born1994 (age 29–30)
ConsortIra & Alice

Pandora Paradox ("Paradox" for short), also known by the names Alexis Quinn, Alexa Quinn, Jordan, Alexander II, and various other pseudonyms, is a retired Icelandic micronationalist who was a member of the community from the early 2010s until around 2016, when he left micronationalism for good. During his tenure, he served in the governments of the Saxon Empire (as co-emperor) and the Republic of Theodia (as various ministers); and he founded Iskwania, the Neptunian Empire, Aika, the Glyphic Union, Tavadia, and Isvik.

Micronational personas

Paradox had many different personas over the years, and was host to multiple personalities. His macronational name is unknown. The name "Pandora Paradox" comes from his Skype username during his period of greatest activity in the MicroWiki sector. His earlier MicroWiki sector micronations (the Neptunian Empire and Aika) were ruled by Alexis Quinn; and at that same time, he was known as "Pandora" in the Saxon Empire and as "Paradox" in Theodia. During his tenure in Theodia, he also went by "Ira" (a Frenchman) and "Alice" (an American), alternate personalities with whom he was in a polyamourous relationship. He later went by "Alexa Quinn" in Iskwania-Tavadia, and in Isvik he went by "Jordan". Shortly after announcing his retirement from micronationalism, he returned as "Alexander II", claiming to be a cousin of Jordan, and sought very temporarily to reclaim his throne in Isvik, before mysteriously departing one final time.

He was also transfeminine, and went by various pronouns, including "he", "she", and especially "xe"; before ultimately settling on "he", in concordance with his birth sex. That said, each persona did have its own pronouns: Pandora Paradox was a he/xe, Alexis Quinn was a he/xe, Ira was a he, Alice was a she, Alexa Quinn may have been a she, Jordan was a he, and Alexander II was a he.

Role in Theodia

Paradox became a citizen of the Kingdom of Theodia in 2011, and was Theodia's first non-American citizen. Paradox is credited with introducing polyamoury into Theodia, where it has since taken a firm hold. He was the first Minister of Culture of the Kingdom of Theodia, and held the office for a short time in July 2012, before becoming inactive. He also founded Theodia's first newspaper company, although it too went inactive. Paradox later left Theodia for the Saxon Empire, where he played a fairly influential role in Theodian-Saxon relations. After the Saxon Empire went inactive, Paradox returned to the Theodian government in July 2013 as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but was released from the executive a day later. Paradox's citizenship was terminated some time thereafter.

Role in the Saxon Empire

Pandora was, for a time in 2012, co-emperor of the Saxon Empire. His nation, Iskwania, then left the Saxon Empire that same year, only to return the next as Tavadia; before leaving the Empire one final time.