Glyphic Union

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Glyphic Union
Formation6 April 2012
Extinction29 August 2012
TypeCultural organization
Legal statusDissolved
Purpose/focusTo foster unity between micronations with novel writing systems
Membership2 nations
Official languagesEnglish
Key peopleAlexis Quinn

The Glyphic Union was a short-lived YAMO founded by Alexis Quinn and consisting of two micronations: Aika and Theodia. The goal of the union was to foster unity between micronations with conscripts (novel writing systems), and the possession and use of such a script was the sole criterion for joining. The union did not last long: it was dissolved shortly after the dissolution of Aika, which had left Theodia as the only member.

The name "Glyphic Union" was inspired by that of the Runic Union, a much-more significant organization which existed contemporaneously with the Glyphic Union, and in which Paradox was a member. The reason for him founding the Glyphic Union was to create a version of the Runic Union that was open to non-Runic micronations.

Member states

The following nations were all, at one point, active member states of the Glyphic Union:

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