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Capital1100 BC
• Head of state
Prince Alexis Quinn I
Establishment2 April 2012
• Census
Time zoneNone

Aika was a newly established micronation, but was not located on any physical or digital place, but rather in a point in time, between 3000 BC & 800 AD to be exact. Aika doesn't exist on any specific land during that period in time, but rather was the location of this time period with the dimension of time. Aika was created by Alexis Quinn and automatically merged with the holy Neptunian Empire. Due to disputes between Emperor Bob Johnson and King Alexis Quinn I. about this territory it later claimed to cease from the Neptunian Empire to become sovereign from the empire. Aika is the founder of the Glyphic Union. It was de-established 13 April 2012.


Aika was thought up by Alexis Quinn during a think-session for Bob Johnson's micronational career in early march. The idea become a dispute between the two monarchs and was later put up to a compromise of turning Aika into a autonomous territory and was founded on 2 April 2012. Later due to another personal dispute between Bob & Alexis Aika ceased from The empire to become it's own nation.


The culture of Aika was similar to the ancient Egyptians,but heavily influenced by Germanic cultures such as the Nordics & Goths. Aika takes pride in it's culture and was working towards opening an museum in Iskwania.[1]