Neptunian Empire

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Neptunian Empire

In Neptune's Honor we stand!
Neptune, Solar System
Capital cityNepunian New York
Largest cityNeptunian New York
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)None
Short nameNeptunian Empire
- Emperor of the Holy Neptunian EmpireBob Johnson
Established30th March 2012
CurrencyNeptunian Crown
Time zoneNeptune Time

Official Website

The Neptunian Empire was a micronation located on Neptune of our solar system. King Alexis Quinn & Bob Johnson claimed Neptune in it's entirety. King Alexis Quinn stepped down from the nation in favor of Iskwania.As there are no earth laws that have claimed Neptune and there are no laws regarding the sovereignty of planetary objects. The Neptunian Empire was counted as a Nordic country.It was de-established on 5 April and reinstated later that year.


The culture of the neptunian empire was just like it's sister country Iskwania a recreation, but since Bob Johnson has no interest in goths he decided to model it after the Romans, people he had always admired. But Neptunian culture is actually a combination between Roman, Babylonian, Egyptian & Phoenician culture.


The official language of the empire was English, but an another official language, Neptunian is in the works.

Foreign Affairs

The Neptunian Empire only recognizes nations in outer space, such as the Nation of Celestial Space which was the inspiration for it's creation.