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The Autonomous Territory of Isvik


Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
'Motto: 'In patria memoria - In Country's Memory
Official languagesEnglish, Icelandic
• Baron of Isa
Julian I of Lundenwic
Establishment2005 (as Iskwan)
• Census
Time zoneGMT

The Autonomous Territory of Isvik simply known as Isvik, is a territory of the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic located in Grímsey, Iceland. Originally a micro nation established in 2005, the then Honourable Judge of Internal Matters, Jordan handed over control of the region to the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic on 29 May 2015.[1]


Isvik is a portmanteau of Is (the Icelandic word for ice) and vik (a common Icelandic word used as a suffix for towns)


Originally called Iskwan it is often speculated when the micronation was founded. The generally accepted date is somewhere between 2002 - 2005. This is due to the lack of any dates that can be accurately proven but 2005 is claimed as the de facto establishing point simply because of the first documented mention of it in one of the former Honourable Judge of Internal Matters, Jordan's journals. The establishing was originally just a case of political roleplay.

In December 2011 though, Jordan started taking this more seriously as they had learned of the potential for micronational sovereigns and the community that had been built around them. This lead to the establishment of Iskwania which was quickly approached by the Saxon Empire and shortly joined as a member. However, on the 4 June 2012, Stonland left the Empire to join St.Charlie, with Duke Sighere appointing Jordan as his successor as co-ruler of the empire.

In February 2013 Iskwania was refounded under the name Tavadia and once again joined the Saxon Empire which Jordan later due to disinterest in the Saxon Empire left, leaving King Penda II as sole emperor.

In October 2014 Jordan merged his two micronations to form the United Republic of Isvik & Tavadia and his first act of 2015 (on January 5) was to relocate the republic's claim from Iceland to the entirety of Jan Mayen, splitting it up into two provinces, Isvik and Tavadia with the capital, Isa being located in Isvik. On the same date, HIM, Julian I, Imperial Grand Duke of Lundenwic was named Baron of Isa.[2]

The United Republic of Isvik & Tavadia was renamed to The Monarchy of Isvik in June 2015 as the Honourable Judge of Internal Matters abolished any governmental structures in favor of absolute monarchy as well as abolishing any provinces, deeming them useless. The claim to Jan Mayen was abandoned in favour of claiming the island Grímsey just north of Iceland. Jordan then realising he had no time to carry on this Isvik, handed over control to the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic on 29 May 2015.[1]

On the 11 January 2016 a pretender claimed to reestablish Isvik as the Microstate of Isvik with a claim to the island of Elliðaey in the Westman Isles off the southcoast of Iceland. The pretender, Alexander II, named himself State Director claiming he was the cousin of the former Honourable Judge of Internal Matters, Jordan. Attempts were made by the Imperial Government to contact Alexander II to settle the dispute, however, these proved unsuccessful and Lundenwic remains the rightful owner of Isvik.