Germanic People's Navy

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Germanic People's Navy

Active March 15th, 2012
Country Saxon Empire
Allegiance (formerly) Emperor Sighere Samuel Der Haveker, (currently)Emperor Penda John Anderson the Ironhand
Type Navy
Size n/a
Colors Red, Yellow, Black

The Germanic People's Navy was created on March 15 2012 when Emperor Sighere passed a decree reforming the Germanic People's Army into a maritime force when the Sailboat owned by the Earl of Rotwaicz was donated to the GPA. The GPA had never been developed in any way and was by all means inactive when this reform was put into place. The GPN is tasked with "protecting the maritime interests of the Saxon Empire, to ferry troops, aircraft and supplies and to protect its shores."


Officers withn the navy are tasked with commanding ships, fleets and soldiers. Currently, there is only one ship and therefore only one captain. There is currently no Admiral as there is only 1 ship, therefore Captain is "de facto" the highest rank in the Navy.

Rank Abbreviation
Admiral Adm.
Commodore Cmdr.
Captain Cpt.
Lieutenant Lt.

Enlisted Men

Enlisted men are people in the Navy with less experience than officers, who don't have much traiing/don't command anyone. To be promoted they have to show leadership qualities and work hard.

Rank Abbreviation
Midshipman Mdspm.
Cadet Cdt.

Germanic People's Army

The Germanic People's Army is a de facto organ of the Saxon government, composed of the various city guards and levies of the realms of Saxony. The "GPA" regularly collaborates with the GPN.