Imperial Council (Saxony)

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Imperial Council of Saxony
Coat of arms or logo
Seats9 de jure, 3 de facto
Political groups
Shepherds of the Nation
Last election
None (chosen by constituent national leaders)
Meeting place
Skype chatroom
Saxon forum on

The Saxon Imperial Council is the representation of the constituent nations of Saxony at the national level. The Council votes on any laws or bills and can override Imperial Decrees. The Council is composed from 1 delegates from each constituent nation and the Emperors who are the de facto speakers of the Council.


The Imperial Council is de jure the most powerful institution within the Saxon Empire, however it is rarely called to vote and has never shot down an Imperial Decree.

Special powers that are given to the Imperial Council are:

For laws to pass the Imperial Council, a vote of more than half of its councillors is required. When considering national constitutional laws, three-fourths of the Council’s votes and both Emperor's Consent are required for passage.

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