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—  Capital  —

Motto: Unam Sanctam
(One, holy)
Royal Anthem
We Want God, Virgin Mary
Lollardry (upper-right, circled) within the Holy Empire
Established 2017-2018
 - Grand Inquisitor Markus Pius
Population 3

Lollardry was the capital of the Holy Empire of New Israel.


In September 2016, the government of New Israel was secretly removed from the beloved city of Augustinople to a villa. Initially envisioned as another province, various circumstances including the ongoing feud with the Grand Republic of Delvera, led to the capital being changed to the villa, which was named Lollardry.

It is the site of several important documents being signed: here was the Edict of Lollardry written, which dissolved New Israel's government, here was the Saxon Empire dissolved, here was the church of New Israel abolished and the holy Catholic religion erected over all the nation in its place.


As a matter of fact, Lollardry was not a capital "city" in any sense of the word. It was (and remains) the villa only of the Grand Inquisitor of New Israel and some relatives. For its protection, the villa was well-armed and modestly supplied. As far as possible, the Grand Inquisitor desired to remake Lollardry according to the Baroque style, within and without.



Pope Boniface VIII, patron saint of Lollardry

Uniquely, the Grand Inquisitor's private devotion to as-yet uncanonised Pope Boniface VIII was the origin of the Pope's patronage of the capital of Lollardry. Pope Boniface VIII authored the papal bull Unam Sanctam in 1302, which is famous for the assertion that submission to the papacy, which is higher than any king on earth, is "absolutely necessary for salvation". Markus Pius desired to promote the cause of canonisation for Boniface VIII as among the greatest popes ever to have lived, and honoured his memory by granting him patronage of the capital.


The Lollardry coat of arms, also taken from that of Boniface VIII

The flag of Lollardry was taken from the coat of arms of Pope Boniface VIII, featuring two diagonal and parallel blue wavy lines against a yellow field, from the top left to the bottom right corner.


The anthem of Lollardry was "Noi vogliam Dio, Vergine Maria" (We Want God, Virgin Mary), which was the anthem of the Pontifical States during the 19th Century.


The motto Unam Sanctam, which means "One, holy", was derived from the papal bull of the same name aforementioned. It came from a longer sentence in Latin, translated to English as: "Urged by faith, we are obliged to believe and to maintain that the Church is one, holy, catholic, and also apostolic."