Quenyan Empire

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Quenyan Empire
Motto: "For Diplomacy and Honour"
Anthem: Honourable Quenya
File:United Kingdom
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, French
GovernmentQuenyan Senate
• Emperor
Cian Ridley
• Consul
Joan Gordon
• Census
CurrencyQuenyan Pound
Time zone(UTC)

Quenya is a micronation based in the Scottish Borders. It was founded on the 23rd September 2011 by Cian Ridley.


Quenya was founded by Cian Ridley on the 23rd of September 2011.

Transition to an Empire

Quenya began transitioning into an Empire on the 6th December 2011. That day Quenya's senators gathered for a meeting and decided to give power to an Emperor and Consul. However the senate would decide who is to be the Emperor and the Consul would decide how long the Emperor would reign for.

Nemkhav Federation

On Febuary 1st 2012 Quenya became a member state of the Nemkhav Federation.


Quenya is an Autocracy which is led by the Emperor Cian Ridley. Quenya also has a senate led by Consul Joan Gordon which allows a person to be an Emperor and will decide how much power and influence he or she has. Also the senate can choose how long the Emperor is in office depending on how long the senate wishes the Emperor to be in office for.


The senate is a selected group of politicians who advice the Emperor and help run the Empire with him. The senate consists of a consul, a group of magistrates and a number of senators.

The Consul

The Consul is a member of the senate and second in command of Quenya, who is elected by the public to help the Emperor run Quenya. The consul nominates three members of the senate to become Emperor and the public will decide with nominee is to become Emperor over Quenya.

The Emperor

The Emperor is the man who has complete control over Quenya and has the authority to change Quenya's laws and regulations after consulting the senate. The Emperor is elected by the public after the current Consul nominates three people from different parties (Caesar, Crassus and Pompey). After this the Emperor is elected for six months or if the senate or public choose to the Emperor can be appointed for less or more than six months.

The Political Parties

The Empire of Quenya has three political parties. The Crassus party which is led by Niamh Ridley , the Pompey party led by Stuart Rildey and the Caesar party led by the current Emperor Cian Ridley.

Law and order

Capital Punishment

In Quenya, there is a punishment known as the "Life for a Life" policy, meaning that murder is punishable by execution.


The Quenyan constitution consists of four parts. Part One concerns the culture of Quenya, Par Two concerns fundamental rights, Part Three concerns The Emperor and Part Four concerns the Judivicate.


Quenya has three seats which is known as the Triumvirate. The Crassus party led by Niamh Rildey, the Pompey party led by Stuart Ridley and the Caesar party which is led by the current Emperor Cian Ridley.

Police Force


Depending on the situation, Police officers are allowed to carry lethal weapons with them.


Quenya has a small amount of industry apart from the QBC (Quenyan Brodcasting Corporation) which supplies news,sports and entertainment for the Quenyans.



Quenya is a nation fond of football, that maintains its own national football team.

International Friendlies

The Quenyan National Football Team has played three international friendlies, all against the Republic of Eragia, winning two of them and losing one.


Quenya has a vast majority of both film and music mostly Classical with famous composers such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman, and Rock music such bands as Queen and R.E.M. They especially enjoy science fiction and fantasy movies such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

Foreign relations

Quenya currently has no foreign relations.