Grand Principality of Snežanopol

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Principality of Snežanopol
Княжество Снежанопол
Principauté de Snežanopol

Coat of arms

Deus vult
(God wills it)

March of the Sovereign Prince

Official language(s)English, Russian, French

Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Prince of SnežanopolDeniz I
- Minister of StateEmiel S. Hardy

LegislatureNational Council
- Type - Unicameral
- Seats - 8

EstablishedDecember 25, 2013
CurrencySnežani lev

The Principality of Snežanopol, or simply Snežanopol, is an autonomous nation-like entity which claims to be a sovereign state, but is more commonly, mostly by external observers, known as a new nation project. Snežanopol is governed as a Constitutional Monarchy, with claimed territory in Antarctica and Europe, it was established in it's current form on December 25, 2013.

Politics and government

The Principality of Snežanopol is governed as a Constitutional Monarchy of which the system and precise structure is outlined in it's constitution. The Monarch, titled Prince or Princess depending on the gender of the Monarch, is Head of State and in accordance with the constitution has large amounts of executive powers, (s)he is also responsible for representing the country inside the nation and in foreign affairs. The Minister of State is appointed by the Monarch and is responsible for leading the government. The Judiciary branch is led by Grand Inquisitor and his court, the Supreme Tribunal of the Holy Inquisition has 2 members and is responsible for checking new laws with the constitution and interpreting the constitution amongst many other responsibilities.

Armed Forces

The Snežani Armed Forces, are a mainly ceremonial force, which currently consists of the Princely Guard (which also serves as the countries de facto police force) and the Princely Navy. The Princely Navy is actively researching Unmanned aerial vehicle's and has one prototype.


Snežani culture is considered to be a hybrid between Turkic, Persian and Slavic cultures. Snežananopol's official religion, although the constitution is clear about separation of state and church, is the United Holy Church of the Thirteen Apostles.


Football is a big part of Snežani culture as by last census it was shown that more then 60% of the total population watches more then 1 match a week, this has resulted in the creation of the Snežani Leauge of Honor, a virtual football competition which includes teams from each federal subject.