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Order of the Star

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Order of the Star
Country Second Empire of Pacem
Type Merit order
Eligibility Help in the improvement of the nation
Status Currently awarded
Established 11 June 2017
Next (higher) Order of the Galaxy
Next (lower) N/A

The Order of the Star is the second highest order of merit given by the Monarch of Pacem.


There are three grades awarded within the Order of the Star, which are listed in order of rank.

  • Sovereign (May only have one person within this grade at a time. This grade is passed down through a dynastic system.)
  • Knight (May have up to 3 recipients. The Knights are given special status within the Pacemian military.)
  • Officer (May have up to 7 recipients. In government, Officers are regarded as Heads of Departments would be.)


Knight (KOS)

Officer (OOS)