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State of Pacem
Civitas de Pacem (Latin)
Paken (Pacemian)
Flag of State of Pacem
Coat of arms of State of Pacem
Coat of arms
Motto: "Tá ainm mór do na haoiseanna"
"A great name for the ages"
Anthem: "Serene Skies"
Claims of Pacem throughout Maryland
Claims of Pacem throughout Maryland
Largest cityNekut (by population)
Severna (by area)
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
GovernmentFederal parliamentary electoral constitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Griffin I
Connor Stumperth
Establishment6 June 2015
6 June 2015
26 January 2016
20 June 2017
15 January 2018
• State of Pacem
6 June 2020
• Census
12 citizens
16 residents
CurrencyPacemian imperil (Ɨ) (PCI)
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
This nation is a member of the Union Against Micronational War.

Pacem (/pækɛm/), officially the State of Pacem,[1] is a self-declared, independent nation commonly referred to as a micronation by outside observers. It was founded on 6 June 2020 by current Emperor Griffin Kaos as a continuation of past nations also named Pacem.[2] The nation has a claim of 4.12 km² of which is mostly located throughout the American state of Maryland, with a majority of the territory being situated in Anne Arundel County, however, the state's working capital is situated Baltimore County. It also has territory around the antipode of the City of Nekut in the Indian Ocean. It borders the micronations of the Abeldane Empire and the Kingdom of Atovia. Pacem has a population of 10, of which there are 2 territorial citizens, with an additional 16 residents living in Pacemian territory. The official language of Pacem is English, specifically using American English, while the cultural language of the state is Latin.

The state's form of government is a federal, parliamentary constitutional monarchy defined by the 2020 constitution passed on 10 July 2020. The current and only monarch to reign is Emperor Griffin I, who has ruled all previous incarnations of Pacem. The unofficial capital of the state is the City of Nekut, with the only other major city being the City of Calverton. The state consists of three states, two organized territories, and one unorganized territory.

Pacem started off as the Republic of Abies in 2015 as an autocratic republic before transitioning to the first true incarnation of Pacem, the Empire of Pacem, in January 2016. Throughout 2016 to 2019, Pacem went through several incarnations such as the Kingdom of Pacem of which was both under the rule of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro and under independent rule. The final incarnation of Pacem before the 2020 restoration was the Second Empire of Pacem, which was later also called the High Empire of Pacem. This was marked by a time of decline of activity, so finally on 26 July 2019, Pacem was dissolved. However, due to reasons of newfound interest and nostalgia, Pacem was re-established on 6 June 2020 by Griffin Kaos in conjunction with its 5th anniversary.[2]

Pacem was a founding member of the Konmalehth,[3] and was the First and Last Chair of the organization.[4] Pacem is a former member of the GUM and was a founding member of the Kermadec Union.[5] Historically, Pacem has been a continuous member of the UAMW and has attempted to promote pacifism for most of its serious history.[6]

Pacem is a "Seventh World" micronation, scoring 3/12 on Boodlesmythe-Tallini System and scoring 3.4 out of a 5 on David's Micronational Potential Index (scores as of 11 May 2021).


"Pacem" comes from the singular accusative of pax, meaning peace in Latin.[7] This was chosen as Pacem was to be seen as a peaceful, pacifist nation. During the initial portion of the 2020 Reformation, Pacem had a strong military culture contrary to its name. Pacem has since made efforts to promote pacifism, such as through its membership in the Union Against Micronational War.[6]

In Pacemian, the name is simply Paken, the direct translation of the common name. The official title of state was dropped to reflect the importance of the name Pacem to the language. In Pacemian, all hard Cs are replaced with Ks, and Ms at the end of words are replaced with Ns, hence the change from Pacem to Paken.

"Pacemian" may be used as both an adjective for something from Pacem, or for someone who is a citizen of Pacem, or "a Pacemian". Pacemian may also be used to to the Pacemian ethnic group or Pacemian language.

Pacem's Microcode is PC and its 3-letter GUM code is PCM. PAC is used internally as well as being used as Pacem's Konmalehth nation code.


Eras of History

Pacem can be marked by several eras. These eras generally changed through a change in the activity or government of Pacem. Pacem has gone through 5 noticeable eras, of which all coincided with renewed activity bringing forth government reformation. The general pattern for eras has been an initial high of activity, and a 10-16 month up and down period until the nation flatlines before another cycle of activity. During the Modern Era there have been attempts to end this cycle and to keep some sort of continuous activity in the nation.

During the time that Pacem was dissolved, the "4.5th Era" as coined by Griffin Kaos, much of former Pacemian territory was under the control of the Abeldane Empire in the states of Alenshka and Tusmore and the Abeldane crown dependency of Verus.

Era Nations Length of Era Notes
Early Historical Era Republic of Abies
Galactic Empire of Pacem
6 June 2015 - 25 April 2016 The first incarnations of Pacem. These were during a time of simulationism where Pacem wasn't attempting to model any sort of genuine government. It was also an era of great immaturity, including extraterrestrial claims, using copyrighted imagery on flags, and general lies about culture. It was marked by dropping the title of galactic, interacting more with other nations, and forming genuine government such as the 1st Senate.
Secessionist Era Empire of Pacem 25 April 2016 - 20 June 2017 Marked by the establishment of the 1st Senate, however, was quickly met with inactivity from August 2016 to May 2017. During this time, the Kingdom of Veqlar was founded in order for Griffin Kaos to try and avoid coming back with his genuine identity, however, these efforts also faced inactivity. By June 2017, Kaos was the only active citizen, giving incentive for the formation of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro and Pacem's subsequent joining.
Aarbarian Era Federal Empire of Aarbaro
Kingdom of Pacem
20 June 2017 - 5 October 2018 Aarbaro was formed at the beginning of this era in order to begin a new empire with similar government as the Abeldane Empire or the Empire of Paravia a year after these nations began federal reform.[8] Saw the general abandonment of Pacem in order to focus on Aarbaro. Efforts for Pacem began to come back in late October 2017 when it was clear that Aarbaro was due to fail. Following this, Pacem continued on as an inactive kingdom with low incentive for activity.
High Monarchy Era High Empire of Pacem
Second Empire of Pacem
5 October 2018 - 29 July 2019 Final era before dissolution. Marked by satire under the governance of Griffin Kaos, Stephen Freayth, and Nicholas Randouler. However, activity could not be held, which led to Kaos losing faith in the nation and the dissolution in July 2019.
Pacem dissolved 29 July 2019 - 6 June 2020
Modern Era State of Pacem 6 June 2020 – present Current era. Saw the re-establishment of Pacem out of nostalgia and a push for good government, incentives for activity, and keeping Pacem alive and allowing it to continue on for the foreseeable future. Its government was made in coordination with Kaos' own political beliefs.

Early History

Pacem officially started on 6 June 2015 as the Republic of Abies, a simulationist dictatorship led by Griffin Kaos. Formed out of boredom in his grandmother's basement, he was soon to claim the entire property and a local park across the street, starting the first incarnation of the Town of Con, at the time having no official name, but was generally called the "Old Territory." Claiming 7 citizens, he appointed his mother Heidi Tenebaum as the Vice President of the nation and Meghan Tenebaum as the de jure Head of Government. However, this was more used to attempt to cover up the fact that Griffin controlled absolutely everything in the country. Seeing that many respectable nations had many citizens, the pet fish Obie in the newly formed Administrative Territory of Carney and "appointed him" as the Minister of Animals and Environmental Protection, of which was solely controlled by the fish, but of course, had no activity due to the minister being a non-sentient fish. When territory in Carney was claimed, the stepmother and father of Griffin became residential citizens and the former co-mascot of the nation Kona became the newest citizen. But soon, the simulationist state did not do so well, as it was seen as ridiculous, and a useless dictatorship. This caused the Abiean Civil War, of which Meghan & Heidi Tenebaum rebelled under the Kingdom of Shoplandia. After two physical battles, the federal government won, but spread out power a little more in the nation and ditched animal citizenship. This was the closest Abies came to secessionism, however, this was never truly achieved. As sometime in July, simulationism was starting to peak once again.

Flag originally used for Abies

During the month of July, Griffin and Heidi agreed to declare war on the former inspiration of Abies: the Kingdom of Lovely. It was the president's naive opinion that Lovely's king, Danny Wallace I, had mistreated his citizens, as Griffin believed he abandoned them without anything to support them. Contacting a proclaimed faction of Lovely, Abies was met with hostile threats about the idea about the nation, and Abies proceeded to commit cyber attacks on the faction. However, when Griffin came to his senses, he discussed this issue with another Lovlian, and the issue of being abandoned was cleared up. However, the conflict was never ended with a treaty and was seen to have finally ended when Abies turned to Pacem. After this, Abies didn't do much. At one point, the fake cult of Kaosism was formed and led by a made up individual commonly known as X, who annexed the fake territory of Mysteria to Abies. This soon fizzled out, however, but did have a structure of gods and spirits, such as worshipping the Creepypasta character known as "The Rake" as a demonic spirit. After months of general inactivity, a nation declared a state of war on Abies, but after a while was not taken seriously, and soon the very brief conflict became known as the Troll War. It was only one email sent by the president to act as an offensive move but was not responded to.

From December 2015 to 26 January 2016 Abies was without a central government, with the office of President deemed vacant during this time. Two "theories" were claimed, both involving some sort of shooting at the President. However, the true reasoning was simply due to the inactivity of the President and would serve as an excuse to transition to a monarchy and into the Galactic Empire of Pacem.

The empire adopted its new flag, which would lead to some controversy due to it having a copyrighted emblem from Star Wars as a part of its design. This would change in May 2016 with Dale Ediker joining Pacem and making a new flag, of which is now the infamous "Imperial Star-Banner". Soon after this happened, the title of "Galactic Empire" was changed to "Empire," which included dropping the planetary claims previously held. This was in part to Griffin realizing these were useless claims, and seeing that space is equal ground for everyone. Finally, Kaosism was thrown away, and a beta constitution was written along side the official Declaration of Independence. This marked the end of Pacem's Early History, also called the End of the Simulationist Era.

Beginning of Secessionism

The official end of the Simulationist Era occurred on 25 April 2016, when Griffin Kaos officially dropped the title of Galactic Empire to Empire, signifying a wish for a more serious government, and nation as a whole. Animal citizenship had been completely dropped by now, along with the stories of occurrences in the siumlationist government Kaosism. However, unlike most serious nations, micronational war was not completely disregarded, as this secessionist mindset partly came from the Somali Haiti War. This was a somewhat physical and mostly digital conflict between the allied nations of the Greater Newmerican Socialist Republic (GNSR), Duchy of Hodiny, Confederation of Renfrew, and the Empire of Pacem against the Somali Haiti Republic and the United Soviet States of America. This was on the terms of Somali Haiti attacking the GNSR, and with recently signed treaties between Hodiny and Pacem, started minor physical conflicts and major digital conflicts. The Pacemian military group working on the conflict, the Pacemain CyberForce, claimed to have hacked several Somali Haitian computers, with the confirmation from both the GNSR and an ambassador from Somali Haiti. These sorts of conflicts lasted until 3 June 2016 when both Hodiny and Pacem agreed to step out of the war due to the controversy surrounding it, along with the nearing end of the conflict. This was a decision made by the Imperial Senate of Pacem by unanimous vote, and the order was carried out at 2200 UTC on 3 June 2016. Only 3 days later did the war officially end, however, skepticism rose. Many posters originating from GNSR sources were found to have been created with terrible photoshop, and some sources claiming most of these were stock photos. Griffin Kaos officially announced a message of apology to the entire MicroWiki community on its childish behavior during this period.

During this time was also the 1st anniversary of Pacem, signifying a middle point in the region. This came with the joining of the Kermadec Union, of which was an organization that promoted secessionism in micronationalism, and worked as a political, economic, and cultural union. This also, however, received a great deal of criticism, due to true secessionism not being held high in the community at the time. However, it gave the start of the Aarbarian-Pacemian economy, with the predecessor of the Pacemian Imperil, the Kaos Imperial, had it's beginnings. However, due to the lack of use of a currency in Pacem, the currency flopped, and wasn't revisited until the days of Aarbaro. The end of this stage in Pacemian history tends to be seen when Griffin started investing in his social life, eventually putting micronationalism in the back of his mind. However, in the January of 2017, Griffin attempted at micronationalism by creating a new kingdom, nearly signing up under a new user on the MicroWiki Forums, however decided against it.

Aarbarian Era

On the 20 June 2017, Griffin Kaos and Ava Neasa formed the Federal Empire of Aarbaro, with Kaos conceding his imperial title in Pacem to make Neasa the Empress of Aarbaro.[8] Under Aarbaro, Pacem became an autonomous kingdom, being granted great deals of independence but swearing allegiance to Neasa and recognizing Aarbaro as a federal authority as outlined in the Treaty of Dec. The Pacemian Imperil furthermore became the official currency of Aarbaro, retaining its name despite the change of nation.

During this time, Pacem restructured the government as an absolute monarchy due to the small size of the kingdom and the loss of many citizens from the previous Empire of Pacem due to their various departures from the micronational community in 2016. This restructured government only had the King and the Prime Minister, which acted more as an advisor to the King and was the head of the Advisory Council. Stephen Freayth was appointed as the inaugural Prime Minister on 13 July 2017.[9]

Talks of independence began on 14 November 2017 through discussions between Griffin Kaos, Stephen Freayth, and Jovian Max Pollack, discussing the inactivity Aarbaro had fallen into and the possibility for a successful independent Pacem. Discussions for Pacemian independence had been discussed prior, however this was seen as the perfect time to do so by the Advisory Council. Several hours following these discussions, Kaos officially declared independence from Aarbaro and resigned as Griffin, Pacem secedes from Aarbaro, Quo Times, retrieved 4 June 2021.</ref>

Due to the acquisition of Pacem on the part of Aarbaro, Pacem abandoned the notion of imperialist ideology and dropped all imperial titles in favor of those of Aarbaro. However, after regaining independence on 14 November 2017, Pacem became an independent kingdom, with plans within the government to switch back to an empire. Due to inactivity in the nation during December 2017 and January 2018, these plans came to fruition through a decree made by Griffin Kaos on 15 January 2018, officially declaring the Kingdom become the Second Empire of Pacem, with himself once again crowned as Emperor.[10] Following this decree Kaos announced the intent of the Second Empire was to go back to the goal of gaining real independence for Pacem and follow the original plans of the Kermadec Union. Alongside the recreation of the Empire, the government became an absolute monarchy to allow Kaos have more power to deal with inactivity. Following this, Kaos passed the Second Pacemian Constitution on 13 May 2018 to establish the possibility for a working government and to clearly define the powers he had.

High Monarchy

On 5 October 2018, Pacem passed the Ri-Bunreacht and changed its name to the High Kingdom of Pacem. This was mainly due to Pacem becoming a protected state of the Abeldane Empire through the signing of the Treaty of Carnegi, signed in order to improve the relations between the two nations, as well as open more opportunities to each of their citizens. The Ri-Bunreacht was a complete redo of the recently passed Pacemian Constitution of 2018, notably changing the cultural aspects of Pacem from a traditional kingdom to one based on elements of science fiction. The Ri-Bunreacht was eventually declared not the official legal code only thirty-eight days later in an Imperial decree made by Emperor Griffin.

Brought upon by Major Governor Freayth, Pacem experienced major reforms on the 1st of December, with the government of the kingdom officially supporting satirical elements of government over secessionist ideology and policy-making. The first of these changes started with the passing of Declaration I, which officially made the government comparable to the humour of Reddit, such as with Senators being given the formal title of 'Muh Dude' and the Monarch being called 'Their Royal Dankness'.[11] On 15 December 2018, the kingdom re-branded itself as the High Empire of Pacem. Many Pacemians took the news well, and it received national support from all citizens at the time.[12] With the Senate reestablished during these reforms, Emperor Griffin announced the second-ever senatorial election, ending a two-and-a-half-year period of legislative inactivity stretching back to the Imperial Senate becoming defunct in June 2016.[13] This eventually spawned the first two political parties since June 2017, the Sans Party of Pacem and the Tracer Party of Pacem, made to reflect the humor Pacem was now built around.[14]

2019 End & 2020 Reformation

On 28 July 2019, Emperor Griffin shared his wishes to dissolve Pacem due to issues with activity and due to Pacem needing to be left behind for something better to take its place. At 0114 EST on 29 July 2019, the Pacemian Discord server was officially deleted, marking the end of the micronation officially.[15]

Less than a year later, Pacem reformed as the current State of Pacem on 6 June 2020, which is the original date of formation of the Republic of Abies by Griffin Kaos. The announcement was made throughout the MicroWiki Discord community through a post in the Quo Times,[2] which has a historical precedence of being the primary news source of Pacem since 2016. Through the announcements across MicroWiki, the nation was able to gain 6 additional citizens other than Griffin Kaos, making it one of the most populated incarnations of Pacem ever. With the new citizens, a new constitution was required, which prompted the passing of the 2020 Articles of Establishment.[16] Following the passing of the Articles, the June 2020 legislative election was called to take place from 27 to 29 June by Griffin Kaos. This resulted in the formation of 4 new parties: We Are Anarchy!, the Pacemian Pirate League, the Conservative Party, and the Super Shrek Party, resulting in a 4-person Senate with a WAA-majority. This WAA majority led to greater autonomy of the various territories of Pacem, as well as more work into a formal constitution.

The 2020 Constitution which replaced the Articles of Establishment.

On 10 July 2020, the Constitutional Referendum Bill was passed, allowing for a referendum to pass the new constitution to be passed and allow for a more formal government in Pacem. This constitution, written by Griffin Kaos, was made in order to make a federal system similar to that of Atovia's own system, as well as increased power to the people through elections in all branches of government. The referendum was released on the same day, with results being released several hours later on 10 July, revealing an 87.5% turnout with 100% support for the new Constitution, and as per the constitution itself, it was immediately granted assent and passed into law. This invalidated many previous decrees, all previous legislation, and the Articles of Establishment themselves.

Pacem played a small role in the Abeldane Concordiagate scandal during this time, where on 9 July 2020 Chase Nanartowicz discovered a secret channel in the official Pacemian server where Stephen Freayth was taking refuge during his false leave of absence from Abelden.[17] This would lead to the leaks by Nanartowicz, and eventually would cause Emperor Griffin to revoke Freayth's seat in the Senate, reducing the seats from 4 to 3.

Several weeks following the Concordiagate scandal on 26 July the 2020 executive and 2020 judicial elections took place to begin working on the government structure framed by the 2020 constitution. Liam Alexander would be the only candidate for First Minister and Connor Stumperth would be the only candidate for Chief Justice, with both being elected following the results of the elections.[18] Alexander would then go on to make the first Cabinet of Pacem, including members of the Conservative Party, We Are Anarchy!, and the Super Shrek Party.

Around October 2020, Pacem fell back into a state of inactivity. Following 15 September 2020, bills proposed to the Senate were no longer being discussed in quorum, with the Senate no longer meeting during this time.[19] This issue worsened following the turn of 2021, with Liam Alexander resigning on 1 February 2021,[20] and a lack of candidates for the following emergency election that ensued for his position as First Minister and as a Senator which were supposed to span from 27 February to 3 March. This resulted in an emergency declaration by Griffin Kaos on 4 March 2021, in which he declared that the Throne would be able to hold the total power of the government due to the harsh inactivity. As fo 29 April 2021 this inactivity has yet to improve, with the official Discord for Pacem averaging only one or two messages every two weeks.[19]

Government and politics


Pacem is a federal, parliamentary constitutional monarchy led by the Monarch of Pacem. The monarch is known as the Emperor if male or gender-neutral, and as the Empress if female. They are limited in power and are given equal checks and balances between the other parts of government. They have the power to remove public officers from office, the ability to appoint ministers, award decorations, make decrees, etc. The secondary form of legislation in the empire are Decrees of the Monarch of Pacem, which are the secondary form of legislation next to bills passed by the Senate. The monarch also occupies several important positions in the state such as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. The monarchy is electoral and is based around houses that are approved by the previous monarch to run in elections, who put forth a candidate to be elected by the people. Griffin Kaos has been the only monarch as of yet, founding the nation and the throne, with the throne guaranteed to him by the 2020 Constitution.[1]

The Senate of Pacem is the unicameral legislature of the state. The seats based on how many seats the Monarch declares through a writ of election and are elected in a national constituency. The Senate can legislate through bills, which are the primary form of legislation in the state. These bills must be given assent by the Monarch to be passed. The Senate primarily has financial and naturalization powers, however, is generally granted total legislative power. There are currently three seats in the Senate, with We Are Anarchy! and Reign each holding one seat, as well as there being one independent seat.[21]


The Cabinet of Pacem is the primary administrator of the state and works to govern the nation and to administer laws passed by the National Council. It comprises of the Monarch, the First Secretary, and appointed cabinet members. The First Secretary is the Head of Government of Pacem and appoints all secretaries in the Cabinet with the approval of the Monarch, and is allowed to appoint lower-level cabinet positions without the need for approval. They are elected by the people every four months. There is currently no First Secretary or Cabinet due to the enactment of a new constitution in April 2023.

The ministries are currently —

Political parties

Throughout the history of Pacem there have been many political parties, first beginning with the historical Imperial Party formed during the Empire of Pacem. Another historical party was the Pacemian Independence Party, which formed in June 2017 during the Kingdom of Pacem under the rule of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro. The oldest party continuously operating in Pacem is We Are Anarchy!, a leftist party founded 10 June 2020.

Due to recent reformations with the passage of a new constitution in April 2023, there is currently no majority party at the national level. Reign is the current majority party in the City Chamber of Nekut.

Logo Name Ideology Spectrum Leader Membership Senate seats Cabinet seats Seats in
Pacem Social Democrats PSD Social democracy
Center-left to left Jayden Lycon 1
0 / 3
0 / 3
0 / 3
Progressive Conservative Party of Pacem PCPP Progressive conservatism Center-right Liam Alexander 1
0 / 3
0 / 3
0 / 3
Pacemian: Tikernākrome
R Kaosism Left Griffin Kaos 3
0 / 3
0 / 3
2 / 3
We Are Anarchy!
German: Wir Sind Anarchie!
WAA Confederalism
Direct democracy
Center-left to far-left Chase Nanartowicz 2
0 / 3
0 / 3
0 / 3
Independent N/A N/A Various N/A N/A
0 / 3
0 / 3
1 / 3


The Armed Forces of Pacem, officially known as the Armed Forces,[1] are the armed forces of Pacem. The Armed Force is divided between three main branches: the Army, the Navy, and the Airforce. The Armed Forces have the explicit duty of "protect[ing] the state, its territories, and its protectorates.", and are not used for offense.[1] This was implemented in the 2020 Constitution following Pacem's self-readmittance into the Union Against Micronational War in order to promote the nation's goal of peace.

Historically, the military of Pacem has only been used in fictitious or semi-fictitious warfare. The most notable conflicts were the Abiean Civil War, which was fought within the House of Kaos during the time of the Republic of Abies as several toy gun-based battles fought to determine the outcome of the Abiean government, and the Somali Haitian War, which was entirely fictitious, and was publicly supported by Pacem through fake battle reports spread across the MicroWiki Forums in early 2016. During the 2020 reformation, the military was given the ability to conquer territory for the nation without restriction,[16] however, this was later removed in an amendment by Connor Stumperth, and completely removed in the 2020 Constitution.[1]

The Armed Forces are governed by an independent executive committee known as the Council of Stars. This council holds five seats, one for every highest-ranked commanding officer of each branch (a 4-star commanding officer such as the Major General of the Army), the Monarch as Commander-in-Chief, and the Defense Minister. Officially, the council works as an advisory board to the Monarchy for decisions across the Armed Forces.

Foreign relations

Historically, Pacem has had relations with dozens of other nations, with spikes in close relations happening in 2016, 2018, and 2019 during times of great activity in Pacem. Following the 2020 reformation, however, Pacem has remained diplomatically isolated, participating in limited relations with other nations.

Pacem was both a founding member of the Konmalehth[3] and the Kermadec Union,[5] however, both have since dissolved. Pacem was also a former member of the GUM in 2016,[5] however, was expelled due to inactivity. Pacem's only current organizational membership is the Union Against Micronational War.[6]

Pacem historically had strong relations with the Abeldane Empire during Stephen Freayth's height of power during his time as both Emperor and Vorsitzender. Pacem would eventually become an associated state with Abelden, with guaranteed military assistance, citizenship assistance for Pacem, and the establishment of the Abeldane Relations Office, which chose an Abeldane representative to sit in the Senate. Informal relations continue with Abelden following the 2020 reformation, as Kaos is the Emperor of both nations, and many citizens of Pacem being citizens of Abelden as well.

Nations with formal relations

Pacem has full relations with the following nations. The diplomacy between these nations and Pacem has been established through treaties or other documents, with these nations recognizing the sovereignty of Pacem and vice versa. As of 1 June 2021, Pacem has established relations with five other nations.

Nations with informal relations

Over time, Pacem has established informal relations with several nations, especially those which Pacem has worked with in the past in projects such as the Konmalehth. or nations in which Griffin Kaos has been associated with in the past.


In practice, the economy of Pacem can be considered a mixed economy, where there is a large government interest in companies as well as a small free market. All companies in Pacem are at least partially owned by the state, which has an unwritten policy of owning at least 5% of all total shares of a company. The government has the responsibility to use any partial ownership it has in a company to ensure a company follows corporate laws and policies established in Pacem. Private companies are allowed to operate in the state, however, there are none currently operating. As of May 2021, Pacem ranks a 2 on the Economic Potential Index, establishing that is has potential for a very basic economy.

The Finance Minister leads economic administration within Pacem, and can officially regulate interest rates, and manage the circulation, inflation, and valuation of the national currency.[1] The national currency of Pacem is the Imperil[1] (briefly known as the mêmez in 2019[22]), a currency which has been an official currency since 2016.[23] The currency has no official value as of May 2021, however, the most commonly accepted value is that the Imperil's value is equivalent to 6.9 grams of iron.[19] The US dollar is also officially accepted in all Pacemian territories.[1]


Some jalapeño peppers, banana peppers, and cherry tomatoes gathered from gardens in Nekut during the 2020 summer season.

Pacem, more specifically the City of Nekut, has a strong domestic agricultural economy. During the months of late-April through early-October of each year, approximately one-hundred pounds worth of food is grown, with the most common products being cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapeños, and strawberries, among numerous other crops. Despite being a large sector of the local economy, crops grown in Nekut are most commonly used for direct use by Nekutians or as use in barter. Due to the climate of Nekut, farming is halted from late-October to early-March to prevent crop shortages from frost damage. As of July 2022, Pacem has one operating farm.[24]


Pacem has multiple established companies, such as Galaxy Media, the Pyxis Corporation, and KnC Banking - Pacem. All three companies were founded and are partially owned by Griffin Kaos, who owns 80% of the controlling shares in each company. The largest industry is news media production, as Pacem is most notable for the Quo Times online newsletter, which was the first business to form in Pacem, being established in 2016.[23] The Quo Times was formerly an independent company known as Quo Times Media until Griffin Kaos reorganized his holdings in January 2020 and made Quo Times Media a subsidiary of Galaxy Media.



Pacem lies in a humid subtropical (Cfa) climate zone as described by the Köppen climate classification system. This means that most of the state experiences hot, humid summers and cool, dry winters.


In the Articles of Establishment, there were three original territorial classifications ranked based on autonomy, those being: cities, free territories, and colonies. Prior to Initiative I, these territories were non-autonomous and were wholly owned by the state. The Articles provided three legal freedoms of the original territorial classifications to distinguish them. Cities were given the right to an independent executive, legislature, and the ability to write a charter in conjunction with the Articles, as well as their own nobility. Free territories were given the right to an appointed executive as well as their own nobility. Colonies were treated the worst in regards to freedoms, and are only granted an appointed executive under the Articles. There is no defined procedure for what a new territory is accepted as, and as it's up to the monarch of Pacem to decide what it is admitted as, it is usually dependent on the size and historical importance of the territory.

In the 2020 Territory Bill, two new territories were defined: protectorates and dependencies. Protectorates are not true territories of the state and are simply nations of which Pacem has a treaty with Pacem is responsible for the defense of. Dependencies are similar, however, they are considered to be sovereign territory of the state, and also have their foreign affairs regulated by the national government. In this same bill, protectorates, dependencies, and cities (referred to as "city-states") were given the legal right to local defense forces. Cities also gained the right to regulated foreign affairs.[25] Most of these changes were kept in the 2020 Constitution.[1] In January 2021, new territorial changes were made to more reflect the territorial organization of the United States, organizing all states into one category and legally defining their own sub-national divisions.[1]

Flag Name Population Area Head of State Head of Government
City of Nekut 5 0.12 km2
Griffin Kaos
Lord Protector
Esty Carpentieri
City Chief
City of Calverton 3 0.01 km2
Connor Stumperth
High Commissioner
City of Severna 2 1.32 km2
Organized Territories
Raccoon Territory 1 0.0002 km2
Liam Alexander
Arthur Territory 0 0.0001 km2
Unorganized Territories
Colony of Indo 0 2.67 km2
Griffin I
State of Pacem Population:
4.1203 km2


Pacemian culture is generally based around the culture of the United States, with major influences from Japanese pop culture, memes, and video game culture.


The popular "Simp" emoji used in Pacem.

Memes are greatly important in Pacemian culture, and have been a major part of both its society and its government since at least 2019.[26] Memes have also been important for the activity of the state, including keeping it alive during periods of inactivity such as the 2021 inactivity period.[19] With participation primarily occurring through Discord as of 2021, internet-based humor has become important to the cultural identity of Pacem. The meme of simping has become common in Pacem, with there being a trend to make fun of Emperor Griffin Kaos for being a simp, as well as replacing several words with "simp" (i.e. Simpire, Simpness, Simperils). This has gone far enough that a part of the official title of the Monarch is Their Simpness.[27]

Other popular memes include the memeification of fried pickles originating from conversations in September 2020 between Liam Alexander, Griffin Kaos, and Casper von Naveria concerning how good fried pickles are,[19] which resulted in a fried pickle emoji being added to the state Discord server.

Video games

Video games are very important to Pacemian culture, with all citizens and residents playing some sort of video game. Pacemians play various genres of video games, with simulation games, RPGs, fighting games, and shooters. One of the most popular games in Pacem is Minecraft, with most citizens and residents playing the game at least once.

National Symbols

National symbols of Pacem are symbols of which represent the nation, the people, or the geography of Pacem. They can be legislated through either bills passed in the Senate or through imperial decrees. There are several national symbols, all made by decree by the Monarch. These include the national car of the Nissan Altima GXE, the national animal being the axolotl, the national fish being the siamese fighting fish, and the national mammal being the common raccoon.[28][29][30]


The holidays of Pacem are national celebrations and days of no work largely carried over from previous incarnations of Pacem. While some of these holidays have religious backgrounds, they are celebrated secularly. These holidays are split between observed holidays which warrant days off for government workers and recognized holidays which are recognized by the government but do not warrant time off for government employees.

Name Date Notes Reference
New Year's Day 1 January Celebration of the first day of the Gregorian calendar.
Earth Day 22 April Recognition of the importance of the wellbeing of our planet and to promote environmentalism.
Pacem Day 6 June Anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Abies and the beginning of the Pacemian Reign.
Jeff Goldblum Day 13 July To celebrate actor Jeff Goldblum
Expensive French Fry Day 18 October To celebrate the day when WTAE-TV Pittsburgh reported on expensive french fries in school [31]
All Hallow's Eve/Samhain 31 October - 1 November A traditional Irish holiday that observes the veil between our world and the spirit world, as well as the American cultural holiday for treat giving.
Emperor's Day 18 November Birthday of Emperor Griffin
Thanksgiving Last Thursday of November A day to give thanks for what you have.
Hanukkah 18 December - 26 December (2022) Celebration of the re-dedication of the Second Temple from Jewish religious mythology celebrated as a family tradition in Pacem. Due to the length of the holiday, it is classified as a recognized holiday and is the only holiday classified as such.
Christmas 25 December A time for gift-giving and for being with family.
New Year's Eve 31 December The last day of the Gregorian calendar.


Demographics in Pacem are conducted through both citizen registration and through censuses taken before every election. This collection of data was primarily done through the efforts of the monarch, who had complete control over censuses and over citizenship registration during the Articles of Establishment. Following the passage of the 2020 Constitution, this power was allocated to the State Minister[1] (currently Connor Stumperth). Local media companies such as the Quo Times also performs censuses irregularly. The population as of 14 May 2021 is 9, including two territorial citizens, with 17 residential non-citizens.

Ethnic groups

Ethnicities in Pacem (January 2021) [32]

  White (42.9%)
  Mixed-race peoples (42.8%)
  Yamato (14.3%)

The most predominant ethnic group is White/European Caucasian, being a majority of the population at 50% of the population, or 4 citizens. Pacemians, a mixed-race ethnogroup of Cherokee and Celtic decent makes up 25% of the population (2 citizens). Pakistanis and Yamato come in at third, each having one individual representing this group in the nation, or making up 12.5% of the population each.

Pacem has historically been very diverse, spanning back to the Kingdom of Pacem where 2/3 of the population were non-European American as had been the trend for years. Following the transition to the State of Pacem and the greater usage of Discord, the nation has experienced further diversification.


English is the most commonly spoken language in Pacem, with all citizens speaking the language with some degree of mastery. English is also the official language of the state, being constituted in the 2020 Constitution. Latin is spoken as a second language by 12.5% of the population, and it is generally used for non-noble titles granted to certain government officers. Other second languages include Spanish, French, and German.

Pacemian is native to the City of Nekut and is under development for cultural uniqueness in Pacem. Currently, there are no native or second-hand speakers, as the language is not complete. However the language is official under the Netukian constitution[33] and is developed alongside government development.


Religion in Pacem (January 2021) [32]

  Atheist (42.9%)
  Roman Catholic (14.3%)
  Agnosticism (28.6%)

Religion in Pacem is highly diverse, with no single religion having a majority. Pacemians tend to follow Celtic-based spiritual faiths, which are either in full practice by Pacemians or are an influence on their lives. Atheists are tied with ethnic Pacemian faiths, both comprising 25% of the population. Catholicism and Islam both make up 12.5% of the population.[34]

Pacem is officially a secular nation, with the 2020 Constitution protecting the separation of church and state.[1] However, there have been two periods of Pacemian history in which there was a state religion. During the time of the High Empire of Pacem, the nation officially supported Shaggyism (the worship of Norville "Shaggy" Rodgers from the American cartoon Scooby-Doo) as the state religion. This was in order with the meme culture taking over Pacemian politics, and was fully supported by the Senate for this reason.[26] During the Second Empire of Pacem, the official religion of Pacem was that of the Antae Coven, however, this was never enforced, and only lasted one year from January 2018 to April 2019, ending with the coven's dissolution.


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