Galaxy Media, Inc.

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Galaxy Media, Inc.
Public corporation
IndustryNews, entertainment, publishing, software development
Founded18 January 2020
FounderNicholas Kaos
Area served
Key people
Nicholas Kaos, CEO
ProductsQuo Times
Revenue$0.00 Steady
$0.00 Steady
$0.00 Steady
Total assets$0.00 Steady
Total equity$0.00 Steady
Number of employees
SubsidiariesQuo Times Media
Quasar Interactive
All figures given for 2021-22 financial year.

Galaxy Media, Inc. is a Pacemian conglomerate specializing in news and entertainment. Galaxy Media, Inc. was founded in 2020 by Nicholas Kaos, who serves as its incumbent CEO and majority shareholder. It was formed to manage entertainment companies in which Kaos is the sole executive that have each existed previously as independent companies. It most notably owns and manages the Quo Times, a notable micronational news source known throughout Microwiki.


Like many companies in Pacem, a certain percentage of Galaxy Media is owned by the Finance Ministry of Pacem. Before the reformation of Pacem in June 2020, Nicholas Kaos owned 100% of the available shares. As of April 2021, Kaos owns a majority stake in the company, owning 80% of the shares, while Pacem owns a minority 20%, donated to the state by Nicholas Kaos.


Quasar Interactive

Quasar Interactive, formerly known as Remote Isle Gaming, is the newest subsidiary of Galaxy Media, being formed in a December 2020 corporate reshuffling of Galaxy Media's holdings[1] It produces and publishes software such as video games and Discord "bots", being most well known for producing PacemBot, a Discord bot used in the official server of Pacem.

Quo Times Media

Quo Times Media is the subsidiary created for the operation and financial management of the Quo Times. The Quo Times, more commonly referred to as the Quo, has been operating since July 2016,[2] and is the oldest operating media source owned by Galaxy Media. Alongside operating the Quo, the subsidiary owns all rights to producing literature and Quo-related copyrights within Galaxy Media,[1] and operates the Pyxis Report alongside the Pyxis Corporation.

Former holdings

  • Quo Publishing (Merged into Quo Times Media)[1]


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