LGBT rights in Pacem

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LGBTQ+ rights in Pacem
Pacemian flag
Same-sex sexual activity legal?Yes
Age of consent17 and older
Gender identity/expressionYes
Recognition of
Military serviceYes

LGBTQ+ rights in Pacem are some of the most forward in the international community. People of the LGBTQ+ community were originally granted inherent rights by the Bókfólks.[1] The are now protected under the 2020 Constitution under Section 1, which protects the rights of all and does not allow discrimination at all.[2]

Summary Table

Same-sex sexual activity Yes Yes
Equal age of consent 17 and older
Anti-discrimination laws in employment Yes Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas Yes Yes
Hate crimes laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity Yes Yes
Recognition of same-sex couples Yes Yes
Same-sex marriage Yes Yes
Adoption by same-sex couples Yes Yes
Gays allowed to serve in the military Yes Yes
Right to change legal gender Yes Yes
Access to IVF for lesbians Yes Yes
MSMs allowed to donate blood Yes Yes


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