President of the Senate (Pacem)

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Speaker of the
Connor Stumperth

since 10 June 2021
Term lengthElected every time the Senator with the position is not elected to the Senate or with every new Senate
Inaugural holderConnor Stumperth
Formation10 July 2020

The President of the Senate is the presiding officer of the Senate, the legislature of the State of Pacem. The office was created in the 2020 Constitution, with the inaugural holder being Connor Stumperth of We Are Anarchy!. The current President of the Senate is Liam Alexander.


List of Presidents of the Senate

Name Portrait Term Party Legislature Government
Position vacant (10 - 24 July 2020)
Connor Stumperth 27 July 2020 10 June 2021 We Are Anarchy! 3 Munroe
4 None
Liam Alexander 10 June 2021 5 July 2021 Progressive Conservative Party of Pacem
Connor Stumperth 5 July 2021 Incumbent We Are Anarchy! 5 Lycon