Pacemian executive election, July 2020

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Pacemian executive election, July 2020

26 - 27 July 2020 April 2020 →
Nominee Liam Munroe Abstain
Party Conservative Party
Running mate Chase Nanatovich
Popular vote 5 1
Percentage 83.3% 16.7%

First Minister before election


First Minister after election

Liam Munroe
Conservative Party

The 1st executive election of the State of Pacem was held from 26 July to 27 July 2020, in which the office of First Minister was elected. It is the first such election in Pacemian history.


Only one candidate has declared that they would run, Liam Munroe of the Conservative Party and a Senator from Calverton, who's running mate is Chase Nanatovich of We Are Anarchy!.

Joint CPP-WAA Ticket

Liam Munroe Chase Nanatovich
for First Minister for Minister-at-Arms
Munroe temp portrait.jpg
Nanatovich bubble AV NDP.png


Party Candidate Results
1st pref %
Conservative Party Liam Munroe 5 83.3
Abstain 1 16.7
Total 6 100.00
Turnout 6 85.7