First Minister of Pacem

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First Minister of the
State of Pacem
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since 1 February
StyleTheir Excellency
Term length9 months
Inaugural holderLiam Alexander
Formation10 July 2020

The First Minister is the Head of Government in the State of Pacem as well as the head of the Cabinet. The First Minister is elected every nine months by the people, and their running mate, should they win, becomes the Minister-at-Arms, of which acts as the secretary to the First Minister. The First Minister can also appoint other ministers in the Cabinet by approval of the Monarch, as well as immediate approval to lower-level cabinet positions.


The office of First Minister is historically precedented by the position of Advisor to the Emperor or Prime Advisor, which generally was held by Stephen Freayth. It was also the name of the Head of Government for the Federal Empire of Aarbaro[1]. In the 2020 Constitution, this institution was formally replaced with the office of First Minister.[2] The first election for the First Minister was conducted in July 2020 as the 2020 I executive election. Liam Munroe of the Conservative Party ran unopposed and won with 85.7% of the vote.[3] Liam Munroe would later resign due to personal reasons, causing a vacancy on 1 February 2021 following his resignation.[4]


As the head of the Cabinet, the First Minister has the power to create ministries, appoint people to those ministries, and organize meetings of the Cabinet. For lower-level Cabinet positions under other ministers, the First Minister approves these appointments rather than the Monarch. They also have the power to veto any bill or motion passed in the Senate.

The First Minister has the responsibility to act as the primary advisor to the Monarch, coming from the office's historical origin as the Prime Advisor.

List of First Ministers

Name Party Portrait Term Monarch
Position vacant (10 - 27 July 2020) Nicholas I
Liam Alexander PCP Munroe20202.jpg 27 July 2020 1 February 2021[4]
Position vacant (1 February 2021 - )

Time in office

Below is a list of First Ministers by their time in office:

  • 1. Liam Alexander - 189 days

Below is a list of vacancies for the office:

  • 1. July 2020 - 17 days
  • 2. February 2021 - 74 days


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