Federal Empire of Aarbaro

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Federal Empire of Aarbaro
Federacia Imperio de Arbaro
Flag of Federal Empire of Aarbaro
Coat of arms of Federal Empire of Aarbaro
Coat of arms
Motto: Dio Savu la Imperiestrino (Esperanto: God Save the Empress)
Anthem: God Save the Empress
Countries in which federal states are located
Countries in which federal states are located
CapitalFederacia City
Largest cityTown of Carnegi
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy Federation with Parliamentary-like governing Assembly
• Empress
Artemis I
• First Leader
Griffin Kaos
LegislatureRoyal Assembly
Establishment20 June 2017
• (2017 estimate)
Excluding 2 Honorary citizens census
Time zoneUTC (Government/Official Standard)
Preceded by
Empire of Pacem
United States of America

Aarbaro, officially the Federal Empire of Aarbaro (Aarbaroian: Federacia Imperio de Arbaro), is an unrecognized state which is more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. The Empress, Artemis I, declared independence from the United States of America on 20 June 2017, originally claiming land in the American states of Maryland, Wyoming, and California. It is made up of three federal states, of which one joined during the declaration of independence from America.

Aarbaro scores a 3.4 out of 5 on the David's Micronational Potential Index, a 4.3 out of 6 on the Freayth's System of Classification, and is 5th world micronation, scoring a 10/12 on the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System.


The first part, Federal Empire, comes from the main government system of Aarbaro. Aarbaro comes from the Esperanto word for 'tree.'


Pre-Federal Empire

Before the Federal Empire of Aarbaro was established, there were two territories that came together to form it. One was the Empire of Pacem, a two year old constitutional monarchy that planned for independence from the United States. It spanned several small territories in Maryland and one on the Indian Ocean. It had a history of attempting to become a federal empire similar to the Empire of Paravia or the Abeldane Empire, but was unsuccessful. After a period of inactivity, the empire had become obsolete, and eventually joined Aarbaro. The second territory was an area called Wind River, of which was partially former Paravian territory. Led by Ava Neasa, it was not much of a nation at all, just an administrated territory of Artemis'.

Early Empire

On 19 June 2017 to 20 June 2017 in the Drew and Pals Skype group chat, Ava Neasa and Griffin Kaos were discussing the possibilities of what would happen if the United States of America and the United Kingdom united as one superpower, and Griffin brought up if somehow a micronation had a similar ideal to this, as in a micronation bringing together several 'micronational superpowers' to build up the ultimate secessionist micronation. In the afternoon of the 20th, Griffin reached out to Artemis to see if she was on board with the idea, and went on from there.

At around 04:00 UTC, Artemis released the Declaration of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro, explaining to the MicroWiki community of the declaration of sovereignty and how the government works. This declaration also accepted Artemis as the first Empress and Griffin as the first First Leader. The Empire then took in the State of Wind River and the Kingdom of Pacem as its first two federal states. Later, the State of Larsonia, formerly known as the Commonwealth of Verticus, joined the Federal Empire as the first nation to be admitted officially by the Treaty of Dec. Soon after, the integration of Discord into the community brought Aarbaro a new state, the Kingdom of Yadra. However, only 3 days later, the state had a referendum due to civil unrest on the states imperial governing. The referendum had an official turn out of near 100%, and the state was recognized as separate from Aarbaro. The federal empire also did recognize it as a sovereign state from Sweden.

The End of an Empire

Following large periods of activity from the months of June to September in 2017, Aarbaro was hit with a common wave of inactivity. However, this dealt a severe blow to the nation. The Kingdom of Pacem, a large pillar to the stability of Aarbaro, declared independence on the 14 November 2017. This left Yadra, Larsonia, and Wind River remaining in the empire. On 16 November 2017, it was officially recognized by Aarbarian representatives that Yadra was legally within the empire, however, secessionist movements of the country were soon to start.


Aarbaro is a constitutional federal monarchy with a parliamentary-like governing assembly currently ruled by Empress Ava Neasa I, with the current First Leader being Griffin Kaos.

The Monarch acts as Head of State within the federal empire and certain Commonwealth members, with the power to make Imperial Decrees and to appoint members of the government such as the First Leader and federal monarchs during the formation of new states. The Monarch is advised by the Royal Assembly, a body of which houses the Aarbaro Parliament and the Federal Council, and is an advisory body composed of skilled and trusted citizens of the federal empire. The role of the Royal Assembly within Aarbarian politics can differ between Empress or Emperor, however, as the ruling Head of State may use it as an executive or legislative power, or solely as an advisory council. Under the Royal Assembly is the Aarbaro Parliament and the Federal Council.

The Aarbarian Parliament is made up of elected delegates from the federal states and the Crown Territories of the nation. These delegates come together to make acts pertaining to the general empire in order to maintain order and to make changes. The Aarbarian Parliament reserves to makes acts that can counteract all acts passed by the Federal Cabinet, however may not pass acts the go against Imperial Decrees.

The vast majority of legislative power, and to an extent some executive power, is held by the Federal Cabinet. Made up of the First Leader, Second Leader, Ministers, and political party leaders. The final First Leader was Griffin Kaos. The Federal Cabinet is the main overseer of government functions. It is allowed to pass acts that may enact laws, change the government, or implement something into Aarbaro.


Aarbaro is a federal empire made up of 3 autonomous states and the Crown Lands of which belong to the greater empire. The capital city is called Federacia City, and is located in the Queendom of Wind River, which is the seat of the empire. Much of the Crown Lands are to be from federal states, of which the Monarch has the power to claim for the use of the greater empire.

Federal States

Federal states of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro
Flag Coat of arms State State
Capital Citizens Area (km2) Head of
Approximate Location
Queendom of
Wind River
WRR Federacia City
0.3 km2
Empress Ava Neasa Fremont County, Wyoming
State of
0.2 km2
Prince Thomas Larson Thousand Oaks, California


The culture of Aarbaro is very similar to that of the neighboring United States of America, in which many ideals on society and popular interests are shared with a majority of the American population. Spanning across Pacem, and including several citizens of Larsonia and Wind River, is a love for the arts. Whether creative or academic, drawings & paintings, animations, engineering, and graphic design are some of the most influential parts of art that effect the daily lives of Aarbarian citizens.


The population is made up of 30 citizens, of which 5 are girls and 7 are boys, but 18 are currently unknown. This makes Aarbaro 36% female and 64% male, or for every female citizen, there are 1.75 male citizens, not accounting for the persons of unknown genders.


Ethnically, 43% of the population is ethnic Aarbarian, 38% ethnic American, 4% Mestizo, and 4% unknown. Of the 14 Aarbarians, 50% are Pacemian, 36% are Larsonian, and 14% are Wind Riverian. Being an Aarbarian is defined as "Permanently residing in the territory of the Crown Lands or a federal state."


Religion in the Federal Empire of Aarbaro

  Catholicism (33%)
  Agnosticism (23%)
  Atheism (8%)
  Hinduism (3%)
  Neopaganism (3%)

Religion is highly varied within Aarbaro. This is the list known as of yet. Currently, most citizens are Catholic at 33.3% of the population following the faith, but Agnosticism and Nondenominational Christianity are close behind with 23.3% and 16.7% of the population sharing these views, respectively.

  • Catholic - 10 (33.3%)
  • Agnostic - 7 (23.3%)
  • Nondenominational Christian - 5 (16.7%)
  • Latter-day Saint - 4 (13.3%)
  • Atheist - 2 (6.7%)
  • Hindu - 1 (3.3%)
  • Neopaganism - 1 (3.3%)


There are few languages spoken in Aarbaro, with 96.7% of the population speaking English as a first language, with the other 3.3% speaking Urdu as a first language and only speaking English as a second language. However, 3.3% of the population can speak Esperanto as a second language, and 6.6% can speak Spanish as a second language.

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