Town of Con

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Town of Con
Ciudad Con
Flag of Town of Con
Sovereign state Pacem
DivisonCrown Lands
Canton Kaos
Established:24 August 2017
Founded byNicholas Kaos
 • MayorNicholas Kaos
 • Total0.00013 km2 (0 sq mi)
32 m (105 ft)
 (June 2018)
 • Total3
Time zoneEastern Standard Time (EST)

Con, officially the Town of Con (Spanish: Ciudad Con) was a town of the High Empire of Pacem from August 2017 to June 2019. The town was founded as the capital of Pacem and as the home of the Imperial Family, formerly housing the Imperial Mother Heidi and her family, as well as several notable Imperial Pets including the dog Trixie and the bird Scuttle. In June 2019 the property comprising the territory of Con was sold by the Imperial Family, and Con was soon after disestablished. Con formerly bordered the Abeldane city of Ekkesland and the Maryland community of Lusby.


The name Con comes from the word con, meaning the disadvantage of something[1], which further comes from the Latin word contra, which means against[2]. This name was chosen due to the state of the property when the Imperial Family first moved in, referring to it being a con of the move.


The territory comprising of Con was formerly an American property owned by the step-father of Emperor Nicholas Kaos from 2005 to 2011 before he moved away from the property due to divorce. In 2017, he moved back to the property after receiving it in a court settlement, moving the Emperor and the Imperial Mother to the property in April 2017. Nicholas would return to micronationalism after a hiatus[3][a] when moving to Lusby, and would establish Con when the family had finished moving in.

Due to issues travelling to work and school, the Imperial Family would move from Lusby to Baltimore in June 2019, leaving behind the territory of Con. Due to this, Emperor Nicholas would relinquish the territory back to the American state of Maryland by the end of June 2019.


List of Mayors

Number Name Party Term Notes
Nicholas Kaos None May 2017 June 2019
The founder of Con and the Emperor of Pacem.
Dissolved the nation due to moving away from its property.

Imperial Pets in Con

Con is associated with where most of the pets belonging to the Imperial Family were first adopted or bought. The first Imperial Pet belonging to the Imperial Mother was the cat Flour, who was adopted in early May 2017. Immediately afterwards, the dog Pebble was adopted from the same shelter in mid-May 2017. The Imperial Pet Trixie was a breeding dog adopted at an old age in December 2017, who would unfortunately pass away in July 2018 due to health problems from her time as a breeding dog and due to old age.[4]

In August 2018, the Imperial Mother Heidi would find three kittens abandoned on the side of the road in Lusby. She would take these kittens to the residence in Con and would raise them to be the newest Imperial Pets. One of these kittens, Salem, would later pass away in November 2020 due to a genetic blood disease, and is survived by his two siblings, Luna and Binx.

In early July 2018, Pip, the pet budgie of Grand Princess Meghan, escaped from the cage it resided in. This would result in its replacement, where it would be replaced by the Imperial Pet Scuttle. In early June 2019, Scuttle's mate, Pepper, would give birth to the first three children of Scuttle (Chicken Nugget, Unlucky, and Purdue) directly prior to the move from Lusby to Baltimore.



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