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—  Capital City  —
Country Abeldane Empire
Established August 2017
 - Type Federal territory
 - Abeldane Emperor HIM Emperor Nicholas
 - Total 0.002 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population (September 2017)
 - Total 2
Time zone UTC (UTC-05:00)

Kaiserstadt (English: Imperial City), officially the City of Kaiserstadt, is the Capital City of the Abeldane Empire. Founded as the city of Ekkesland by Nick Kaos, it was renamed to Kaiserstadt and became the capital of Abelden on 1 August 2020, replacing the previous co-capitals of Pleston and Alexton, which had been within the state of Alenshka.


Kaiserstadt, as the capital city of the Empire, is a Federal territory under the direct administration of the Abeldane federal government. The city is ruled directly by the Abeldane Emperor and the Reichsversammlung.