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The Krastisck Desert
The Krastisck Desert
CountryAbeldane Empire
Administrative RegionEast Abelden
Established6 June 2014 (as Plesto coope)
 • MayorHIRM Emperor Stephen
 • Total3
Time zonew:UTC+04:00 (UTC)
Capital city of Abelden

Pleston is one of the capital cities of Abelden, the other being Alexton. It is located in the East Abelden administrative region, has currently a population of 3. The current mayor is HIRM Emperor Stephen.


Imperial House

One of the most notable places in Pleston is the Imperial House. The Imperial House contains the Imperial Regalia of Abelden in the Emperor's throne. The Imperial Standard is usually flown when the Emperor is present and the Abeldane flag is flown when not present.

High Commissions

The High Commissions of the members of the Abeldane Commonwealth are also located in Pleston. Legatia and Legabelden has their official representation next to the Imperial House. Alenshka has their representation a few blocks away from the Imperial House. An official representation for Demirelia is being planned

Pleston Square

The Pleston Square is probably known for its wide area on which people could relax and play. The declaration of independence was signed as well on a bench in the Pleston Square.


The main route for Pleston is the A1 road which leads to all destinations as well to the High Commissions. The main transport of the Emperor is a Ford Explorer as well as to the High Commissioners. A small red car is used for private use

Twin cities