Abeldane Crown Dependency

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An Abeldane Crown Dependency is a type of division of the Abeldane Empire, which is locally administered by a High Commissioner who represents also the Monarch. A crown dependency under the Abeldane Constitution of 2016 is a self-governing territory that relies upon Abelden for protection and defense and foreign relations. Much of its affairs is currently de facto taken over by the federal government and is responsible mostly for the affairs of the crown dependencies.

Crown dependencies are not an integral part of the Empire and therefore not a part of Abelden proper. Previously, crown dependencies were an integral part of Abelden until the current constitution was formally promulgated. All crown dependencies at the moment do not have any permanent residents and therefore all High Commissioners live in Abelden proper.

Currently, there are five crown dependencies: Eastlands, Trentonshire, Kronenbourg, Sudenlanden and Saademara.

List of crown dependencies

Photo Name Established Population High Commissioner
Crown dependencies
10 January 2015 (as an Administrative Region)
12 February 2015 (as an Overseas territory)
3 HIRM The Former Empress Rachel
November 2015
0 Horatio Eden, Duke of Brandburg
November 2015
0 James Frisch, Count of Dublaith
November 2015
2 HI&REM Emperor Stephen
17 November 2017
2 Nick Fredriksson