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Archduchy of Tusmore
Archiduche de Tusmoria

Coat of arms

Maryland, USA
Capital cityPacem
Official language(s)American English, Latin, Irish Gaelic
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- ArchdukeNicholas I
- Provisional Head of GovernmentConnor Stumperth

The Archduchy of Tusmore, more commonly known as Tusmore, is the newest state of the Abeldane Empire. The territory of the state is primarily made out of the former territory of Pacem, which is located throughout central Maryland. Tusmore is a unitary state composed of various cities without being divided into further federal divisions. The current number of cities rests at 1, which is the capital city of Pacem.

The state was founded after the dissolution of Pacem made by former Emperor of Pacem and now Archduke of Tusmore Nicholas Kaos in order to expand the roles of states in the empire and to promote activity at the state level. Following the support of referendum results in August 2019 and the Treaty of Ascension on 3 October 2019, Tusmore officially became a state of the empire.


The name 'Tusmore' comes from the Irish word tús meaning 'beginnings' and the Irish suffix -more meaning 'great', coming together to mean 'great beginnings'. Kaos wanted the name to be symbolic of the cycle of life and death in a micronational sense, where one micronation may die off only for it to live on through a legacy elsewhere. The use of Irish comes from Kaos' own Irish connections and affiliation with the culture.


Dissolution of Pacem

During the months of June and July 2019, the High Empire of Pacem was going through massive issues of inactivity and low rates of development. Having had discussed it for months at that point, it was decided between Emperor Nicholas and Prince Stephen that Pacem would finally dissolve. After a week of planning what to do with the legacy of Pacem after it's dissolution, it was finally decided on 28 July 2019 that Pacem would be dissolved the following day. So on July 29, at 0100 in the morning, the empire was officially dissolved.

During the time after the dissolution, Kaos had promised greater activity in Abelden and focused his micronational efforts there from then on. Talks with Stephen Freayth established that Kaos would at some point create a new micronational state, with the question of whether or not it would be independent or an Abeldane state. Through talks over Discord, it was established the Kaos would put forth the idea to create a state to focus on two big problems from that time: state identity and state activity, with the plan being to create focus outside of Alenshka with state activity.

Planning began, with the title of the state and the name being decided in early August. The title of Archduchy was chosen to stand out from the other states, while the name of Tusmore was decided in order to have a name with a meaning that conveyed the start of a new chapter, with inspiration cited to a forum comment regarding the dissolution of Pacem from user Tjorvi, saying "This may be the end of the book, but not necessarily the series."