Kingdom of Tusmore

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Kingdom of Tusmore
Coat of arms
Maryland, USA
CapitalCity of Pacem
Official languagesAmerican English, Latin, Irish Gaelic
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
- Regent
Nicholas Kaos
• Premier
Chase Nanatovich

The Kingdom of Tusmore, more commonly known as Tusmore, is the most recently admitted state of the Abeldane Empire following its ascension on 3 October 2019. Following the dissolution of the Second Empire of Pacem in 2019, founder and current Regent Nicholas Kaos wished to continue the Pacemian Reign within Abelden and worked with Stephen Freayth, Connor Stumperth, Richard Dalton, Thomas Bainbridge, and Robert Dickson to write a constitution and campaign for the kingdom to make it an official state of the empire. Tusmore comprises of territory formerly belonging to Pacem located in the American state of Maryland, with a total land claim of just 0.0003 km².


The name 'Tusmore' comes from the Irish word tús meaning 'beginnings' and the Irish suffix -more meaning 'great', coming together to mean 'great beginnings'. Kaos wanted the name to be symbolic of the cycle of life and death in a micronational sense, where one micronation may die off only for it to live on through a legacy elsewhere. The use of Irish comes from Kaos' own Irish connections and affiliation with the culture.


Dissolution of Pacem

During the months of June and July 2019, the High Empire of Pacem was going through massive issues of inactivity and low rates of development. Having had discussed it for months at that point, it was decided between Emperor Nicholas and Prince Stephen that Pacem would finally dissolve. After a week of planning what to do with the legacy of Pacem after it's dissolution, it was finally decided on 28 July 2019 that Pacem would be dissolved the following day. So on July 29, at 0100 in the morning, the empire was officially dissolved.

During the time after the dissolution, Kaos had promised greater activity in Abelden and focused his micronational efforts there from then on. Talks with Stephen Freayth established that Kaos would at some point create a new micronational state, with the question of whether or not it would be independent or an Abeldane state. Through talks over Discord, it was established the Kaos would put forth the idea to create a state to focus on two big problems from that time: state identity and state activity, with the plan being to create focus outside of Alenshka with state activity.

Planning began, with the title of the state and the name being decided in early August. The title of Archduchy was chosen to stand out from the other states, while the name of Tusmore was decided in order to have a name with a meaning that conveyed the start of a new chapter, with inspiration cited to a forum comment regarding the dissolution of Pacem from user Tjorvi, saying "This may be the end of the book, but not necessarily the series."

Formation & ascension

Starting 11 August 2019, planning in the Dabeldanes Discord server took place with the creation of a Tusmore channel.[1] Initially, the proposed citizens of the state were active Abeldane politicians such as Edward Daniels, Robert Dickson, Chase Nanatovich, Connor Stumperth, and Thomas Bainbridge. This coincided with the success of the Tusmorish referendum around the same time.[2]

Not much other than planning the nation occurred until the eventual Treaty of Ascension was passed on 3 October 2019.[3]


Due to his status as founder of the state Nicholas Kaos was made the first Archduke of Tusmore from unanimous agreement by the citizens of the state on 3 October 2019. Kaos would eventually be heightened to the status of King when Tusmore would change the titles of the nobility and the name of the state on 16 April 2020. Not soon after, however, Kaos would eventually rise to become the Emperor of Abelden once again following the abdication of Emperor Newton on 29 May 2020. Due to the conflict of being the Emperor as well as becoming the King of Alenshka due to its tie with the imperial throne, Kaos abdicated from the throne of Tusmore the same day.[4]

Following abdication, Premier Connor Stumperth became Regent of the kingdom, with Tanist council member Robert Dickson taking his position of Premier. Stumperth would remain Regent until 1 July 2020 when he would be elected as King of Tusmore. Around one year later on 28 June 2021 Stumperth and Regent Thomas Bainbridge would resign from their positions, elevating Tanist councilmember Robert Dickson to the position of King.

Following Concordiagate activity in all of the Abeldane Empire came to a grinding halt beginning in mid-2021. During this time, activity in Tusmore began to dwindle as well, with Dickson eventually becoming the only active citizen in the state. From August to October 2021, a satirical leftist revolution arose in the primary Abeldane Discord server. During this time, Dickson would boost activity in the nation through humorous decrees to allow one final Abeldane joke before the nation would be considered indefinitely inactive. Following this period, Dickson would not be active in the nation, with the last recorded contact with Dickson happening on 26 January 2022. Since then, Dickson's Discord account has been deactivated, and all contact has been lost. As such, former King Nicholas Kaos is the current acting Regent of the kingdom with their being no intent to hold a monarchical election within the foreseeable future.

Political Parties

Logo Name Aff. Ideology Spectrum Leader Senate seats
CON CON Confederals Left-wing Nicholas Kaos
2 / 3
The Republicans
Na Poblachtánaigh
R LF Republicanism
Classical liberalism
Centre Brandon Wu
1 / 3
New Unity Party
Páirtí Aontachta Nua!
None Fenianism
Celtic rule
Centre-right Robert Dickson
0 / 3


Censuses are not commonplace in the kingdom, with the only census to take place being done by Robert Dickson as King in October 2021. The population as of the 2021 census was 5 based on responses alone, and likely only about 7 overall. With the departure of notable Tusmorish citizens such as Dickson and Thomas Bainbridge following the fall of Abeldane activity, the population as of April 2023 remains at 5.

Tusmore was not a diverse state, with all citizens identifying as male, and a supermajority of citizens being under the age of 25 and white.[5] Tusmore is one of the most diverse states in Abelden in terms of sexuality, with 80% of census respondents not identifying as heterosexual.

Sexuality in Tusmore (October 2021)

  Pagan (40.0%)
  Roman Catholic (20.0%)
  Protestant (20.0%)
  Non-religious (20.0%)


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