Robert I of Tusmore

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Robert Dickson

Roibeárd Mac Riocaird
Picture of the leader of Páirtí Aontachta Nua!
Ceannaire Daoine of the Páirtí Aontachta Nua!
Assumed office
26 November 2019
King of Tusmore
Assumed office
29 June 2021
Senator of Tusmore
Assumed office
November 2020
Left office
March 2021
Personal information
Born 7 September 1999
Pacem, Kingdom of Tusmore.
Birth name Roibeárd Mac Riocaird
Citizenship Abelden, Tusmore
Nationality Anglo-Irish
Ethnicity Anglo-Irish
Political party Páirtí Aontachta Nua!
Residence Micheal Collins Drive, Pacem.
Alma mater University of Pacem
Occupation Political Party Leader
Profession Teacher
Religion Catholic
Nickname(s) The Fenian
House Mac Riocaird

King Robert Dickson I is a Citizen of the Abeldane Empire and King of Tusmore. He resides in the Pacem the capital city of Tusmore, he is also the Leader of Páirtí Aontachta Nua! and Chairman of the Local Celtic Cultural Committee.


Robert Was born on 7 September 1999, in Pacem which is the capital city of the Kingdom of Tusmore. He lived with his two parents until he moved to Micheal Collins Drive (part of the Irish quarter of the city) in 2019 so he could start his political career.

Robert went to the University of Pacem to study History and then went on to complete teacher training. Robert was a Teacher at the Irish Speaking Secondry School, St Patrick's School, Pacem (Scoil Naomh Pádraig, Pacem) here he was head of History and Politics.

Robert is part of House Mac Riocaird, which is one of the Fenian Families that populate the Kingdom of Tusmore.

Robert was made King of Tusmore after the much loved King Kaos resigned along with his regent. Robert is now, King Robert I of Tusmore.

Political career

On 26 November 2019 Robert founded the Minor Party Páirtí Aontachta Nua!, as a way to boost the support for the forgotten Fenian/Celtic community within the Empire.

In March 2020 Robert is elected as one of the first Senators of Tusmore. He joined a coalition government until its dissolution in October 2020. He resigned his seat and was appointed as the senior member of the tanist council in Tumsore.

Robert Pictured Here meeting at a Local Festival Celebrating Local Celtic Filmmakers.

As of August 2021, Robert was appointed King of Tusmore.

Titles and Awards

King of Tusmore - June 29, 2021 was appointed King of Tusmore.

Officer of the Abeldane Order - Robert on the 16th of December 2019 was awarded, Officer of the Abeldane Order by the Emperor.

Celtic Culture Committee Award - On the 27th of November on becoming the first chairman of the Celtic Culture Committee (CCC) Robert was awarded Celtic Culture Committee Award for services to the group.

Viscount of Abelden - On the 19th of April 2020 Robert was made a Viscount by Emperor Newton.

Officer of the Abeldane Order Celtic Culture Committee Award

Officer of the Abeldane Order
Celtic Culture Committee Award