Mac Riocaird

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Mac Riocaird
House Mac Riocaird
Crest of House Mac Riocaird
Residence Kingdom of Tusmore
Religion Irish Catholic
FounderUilliam Mac Riocaird
Current headRoibeárd Mac Riocaird
Founding971 AD

The House of Mac Riocaird is the Abelden Fenian household headed currently by Roibeárd Mac Riocaird, founded by Uilliam Mac Riocaird (the first) in 971 AD. The House takes residence in the Kingdom of Tusmore.

Founding and History

In 971 AD, a split in one of the great clans of Mumu (modern day Cork and Kerry) formed two new clans. The Mac Disdonnah and Mac Riocaird clanns, the Mac Disdonnah were wiped out during a war with a neighbouring clan and a bout of flu which wiped the rest of them out. The stronger clan, Mac Riocaird survived history to the glory it has today.

The Clans first leader, Uilliam Mac Riocaird, pulled the clan into a new era of prosperity. Pushing reforms with internal structures and with other clans. Uilliam saw the dangers of division and when the Non-Celtic invaders started to expand into the Irish lands he called the Clans together to form the New Kingdom of Munster to resist the foreign influence and invading forces.