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Nicholas Kaos I
His Royal Majesty Nicholas Kaos I, Pacem's Emperor, Chieftain of Kaos
Photo taken in June 2018
Pacem's Emperor
Reign 16 January 2018 - 29 July 2019
Predecessor Office established
Heir apparent Meghan R.T.
GCOA AbelCom.png
Emperor of the Abeldane Empire;
King of Alenshka
Reign 24 March 2018 - 16 June 2018
Predecessor Stephen I & II
Successor Newton I
Regent Newton von Uberquie
House Kaos
Father Jeffery T.
Mother Heidi Jones
Born 18th of November
Pittsburgh, United States of America
Religion Atheist

Nicholas Kaos OG OS OSP is the former Emperor of the High Empire of Pacem and former emperor of the Abeldane Empire, as well as the Minister of Culture in the Earth Federal Republic, and holds several other political and non-political titles. Emperor of the Empire of Pacem since the first days of its imperialism to the merging of the State of Wind River into Aarbaro, he is most known for his work as Emperor and his articles on the Quo Times.

Political career

Pacemian Reign

Since the formation of the Republic of Abies, Kaos was a major player in the formation of the states that made up its lineage. Starting the 6th of June in 2015, Kaos began his micronational career in Abies as President, having current Emperor Mother Heidi Jones as Vice President. Kaos was introduced to micronationalism through the TV show How to Start a Country made by Lovelian Danny Wallace. Kaos made the Abiean Flag with paper and wood and planted it in the ground in the backyard to his home at the time, and in the park across the street. Eventually, Kaos went on to claim his father's home 64 kilometres to the north, declaring the first state of the republic, Carney, and started transforming the unitary dictatorship into a federal republic. Soon afterwards, the Abiean Civil War broke out between a faction of Abies led by the sister of the President Meghan T., causing a two-day war over the original territory of Abies. Eventually, under the leadership of Kaos, the rebel forces were pushed back, allowing for an Abiean victory. This caused a hiatus of military control in the nation during the war, and eventual full dictatorship in the country afterwards. However, Kaos kept the divisions of the executive, legislative, and judicial branch. Kaos passed his first executive order in Abies soon after the war, with the tongue-in-cheek name "Imagination Proclamation." This order enacted freedom of speech, press, religion, artistic representation, and peaceful protest in Abies. This order also stated that the Abiean government would be sponsoring any artistic, cultural, or scientific endeavours made by citizens. Kaos also successfully formed a great diplomatic basis for Pacem outside the MicroWiki community, before starting to centre itself around the very popular forums. In regards to the civil war we will discuss how to end one yourself

Kaos also spurred the change of a federal republic to a united constitutional monarchy under himself in the January of 2016. At this time, many citizens were inactive, so Kaos campaigned in the newly formed Abiean Senate to complete the change. However, with the prospect of a civil war, Kaos quickly decided to take control and started to change Abies into the first political form of the Pacemian Reign's infamous namesake; Pacem. He claimed territory on Neptune and the dwarf planet Pluto, which at the time were controversial in the micronational community. Without complex digital designing skills, he made a very poor version of the original 12-Sided Star Banner. Later, citizen Daniel Ediker modified it to appear much more professional. This period resulted in Pacem making a very important ally on behalf of Kaos, the Duchy of Hodiny, which would remain well allies with Pacem until late into 2016. During the middle of 2016, Kaos made another slight change to a micronational ideology called secessionism. From this time until the middle of 2017 did this become one of the greatest successes in Pacemian history, until Kaos collaborated with Artemis Langford.

In the June of 2017, Kaos collaborated with Langford to create a modern version of the British Empire, the Federal Empire of Aarbaro, with Langford as Head of State and Kaos as Head of Government. Until later that year did Kaos keep this occupation, until declaring independence for Pacem from Aarbaro to form the Technocratic Celtic Kingdom of Pacem, which later transitioned into the Second Empire of Pacem during 2018. During April 2018, and eventually ending in the following June, Kaos wrote the Pacemian Constitution of 2018, finishing a long goal of wanting to set up a stable government within the empire.

Abeldane Empire

Since the May of 2017, Kaos has been a citizen of the Abeldane Empire and Commonwealth and began his political career as serving as a close advisor to then Emperor Stephen. Following the Emperor giving him a seat on the Reichsversammlung, Kaos was assigned as the Prince Regent by Emperor Stephen. During the late summer of 2017 to the January of 2018, Kaos was informed by Stephen that he would be taking a leave, and that Kaos was now the acting Monarch. Appointing Patrick Renwick as an advisor to the Regent, as well as the Regent's own successor in case he was to be unavailable, Kaos rulled far and few between due to inactivity from schooling. On 24 March 2018, Stephen abdicated the throne for Kaos, crowning him as Emperor. Kaos has ruled the nation since then with his heir apparent Ervecysarisch Newton. However, on the 15 June 2018, Kaos officially abdicated in favour of Ervecysarisch Newton ending a 92 day reign, the second longest as of yet.

As a member of the Reichsversammlung, Kaos was originally a member of the Abeldane National Independence Party, now known as the Abeldane Liberal National Alliance and Pragmatic Front. Kaos has supported bills more commonly associated with leftist ideals, such as supporting the Abortion Act in April 2018.

Earth Federal Republic

Kaos was one of the first citizens of the Earth Federal Republic, and was able to earn the friendship of the acting president Ondo Alvellë. During his term as president, Alvellë appointed Kaos as the Minister of Culture, to which Kaos remains in the position of to this day. Kaos worked with Alvellë and the General Assembly of the EFR to have the nation join the now defunct Konmalehth, which was a major success.

Due to the inactivity of the nation, Kaos has been an avid supporter of one last General Assembly meeting in order to completely decide the fate of the nation.


Nick was born in the U.S.A. and to later become citizens of several micronations, representing them in their governments, or just supporting the nation as a citizen.

Former Citizenships

Awards & Honors

These are the awards and honours bestowed to Nicholas for acts of support, courage, or appreciation towards a micronation.

Domestic Honors


Order of St. Philip the Apostle

Order of the Galaxy Order of the Star


Full Style His Imperial Majesty, Pacem's Emperor Nicholas Kaos I, Founder of the Pacemian Reign, Chieftain of Kaos, Sovereign of the Order of the Galaxy, Sovereign of the Order of the Star, Minister of Culture for the Earth Federal Republic, Duke of Manchester, Duke of Alexton, Ervecysarich of Abelden, Prince of Alenshka, Order of the Galaxy, Order of the Star, Knight of the Order of St. Philip the Apostle

Style in Pacem His Imperial Majesty, Pacem's Emperor Nicholas Kaos I, Founder of the Pacemian Reign, Chieftain of Kaos, Sovereign of the Order of the Galaxy, Sovereign of the Order of the Star

Style in the Earth Republic National Minister of Culture

Style in Abelden His Imperial and Royal Highness, Grand Prince Nicholas, Ervecysarich of Abelden, Prince of Alenshka, Duke of Manchester, Duke of Alexton, Knight of the Order of St. Philip the Apostle