Southern Cross Batumbirá

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Southern Cross Batumbirá
Awarded by the Grand Duke of Rai
TypeCivilian order
Established8 April 2020
Awarded forContributions to the development of the Grand Duchy of Rai and the Abeldane Empire.
SovereignH.R.H. Grand Duke Tarik
First induction8 April 2020
Total inductees10

The Southern Cross Batumbirá (Sabian: batumbiradai) is an honor and civilian order awarded by the Grand Duke of Rai, one of the federal states of the Abeldane Empire. It was established in 2020 following the convention established by other federal states of Abelden, all of which (with the exception of Alexander) bestow honorary decorations of their own, in addition to the existing federal awards and decorations awarded by the Emperor.

The honor is named after the Crux, or Southern Cross, a constellation visible in the Southern Hemisphere where Rai is located. The Crux is an important symbol in Rai, as it is featured in its grand ducal flag and is a symbol of its sole existing political party, the Batu Party. Batumbirá is the name of the constellation in Sabian, the official language of the Grand Duchy; it's a compound formed by the nouns batu ("south") and mbirá ("cross").

The Southern Cross was established by the Batumbirá Declaration, issued on 8 April 2020 by Grand Duke Tarik.


The following people have been awarded the honor of the Southern Cross Batumbirá:

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