Mbirág aliosin

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mbirág aliosin
TypeNews blog
Owner(s)Starlynn & Bennet
Editor-in-chiefTarik Karjasari
Founded19 January 2020
LanguageSabian • English
Sister newspapersThe SiV Phonograph

mbirág aliosin[n 1] (Sabian pronounciation: [ɱbiˈɾäɡ alˈʲosin]; lit. "Alios interpreter") is a Sabioveronese bilingual news blog published on Instagram delivering news both in Sabian and English. It was founded in 2020 by the media company Starlynn & Bennet as part of the "iderá sabin!" campaign launched by the Sabioveronese government's Arts Division to promote the use of the Sabian language.[1]

mbirág serves Sabia and Verona and also covers Rai-related stories from time to time, as the Abeldane federal state borders Sabia and Verona and is considered to be within the Valtirian cultural sphere.[2]

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  1. Capitalization is not present in Sabian orthography.


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