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Monesari Prefecture
vaonakurói monesaro

varešasu tavisiñtená
(Sabian: "Come to my shelter")

Location of Monesari in Sabia and Verona
CountrySabia and Verona
GovernmentPrefecture in a region
- PrefectBerth Jens (Democrat)
Population11 (2018)
Time zoneUTC-3:00

The Monesari Prefecture (Sabian: vaonakurói monesaro) is one of the three prefectures in the Gonn region of Sabia and Verona. It is the second-largest city in the region by population and the smallest prefecture by territory. Monesari borders Kotavari to the East, and Sato to the North, Argentina to the West, and Alios to the South.

Monesari is a major transportation and population hub, housing most of Sabia and Verona's military facilities in the Southern Territories.


In pre-Haronos times, the territory of what is now Monesari was home to the native populations of the Southern Territories, contemporarily called "Native Aliosini" or "Native Southerners". These populations are now completely assimilated into Sabioveronese society and are universally considered to be a sub-group of Valtirians. The territory of what is now the Monesari Prefecture was first claimed by Sabia and Verona as part of the Alios-Capital Region in August 2015, when the first Northern Valtirian settlers arrived in the Southern Territories. The area was named Monesari by the settlers in honor of Mon Teriavái Karjasari, a member of the Valtirian royal house.

Due to its location and the existence of pre-Haronos populations in the area, Monesari quickly became one of the most populated districts in the Southern Territories, at times rivaling Darmosari and Kotavari. In the 2015 general election, Monesari was split up into two parliamentary constituencies: Monesari East and Monesari West, represented by Anton Schubert-Moss and Franxêska Bagos, respectively.

The Alios-Capital Region was split up into the autonomous City of Alios and the Region of Gonn in late 2015, and the territory of Monesari remained in the capital territory with the districts of Darmosari and Kodesari.[1] Following the adoption of the Constitution of 2017, a new organization of Sabia and Verona's administrative divisions came into place, and Monesari became part of the Gonn Region. The prefecture's first elected prefect was Berth Jens, of the Democratic Party.[2] In 2018, he was succeeded by the Liberal Party's Marie-Antoinette Arosaky.[3]


As a prefecture, Monesari is directly administered by a democratically elected prefect, or mayor. The one-person prefectural government is subordinated to the regional government, in the case of Monesari, the government of Gonn. The Prefect of Monesari is Berth Jens, of the Democratic Party. Jens was elected in 2019.

List of leaders

Name Started Ended Party Notes
Berth Jens 22 May 2017 9 July 2018 Democrat Elected at the 2017 general election
Marie-Antoinette Arosaky 9 July 2018 15 July 2019 Liberal Elected at the 2018 local election
Berth Jens 15 July 2019 present Democrat Elected at the 2019 local election