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Kotavari Prefecture
vaonakurói kotavaro

kotavo siñúi
(Sabian: "Hot chocolate")

Location of Kotavari in Sabia and Verona
CountrySabia and Verona
GovernmentPrefecture in a region
- PrefectAmanita Aħari (Democrat)
Population12 (2018)
Time zoneUTC-3:00

The Kotavari Prefecture (Sabian: vaonakurói kotavaro) is one of the three prefectures in the Gonn region of Sabia and Verona. It is the capital city of Gonn and its largest and most populated prefecture. Kotavari borders Monesari and Sato to the West, Argentina to the North, Austenasia (through Esmondia) to the East, and Alios and the Gin Voltaxi Dependency to the South.

Kotavari is the prefecture with the second-highest percentage of plant life in the Kingdom, second only to Elinore. It's home to the Royal Botanical Collection, which is curated by the ruling House of Kârjasary. Politically, the prefecture is considered a stronghold of the Democratic Party.


The region that is now Kotavari was originally known as Tepou Éissarann, Middle Sabian for "Table of the Ancients". The name Kotavari, meaning "place of chocolate", was originally given to a region that is now part of the Sato Prefecture. Due to a confusion in the early days of the Southern Territories, the names were swapped and eventually Kotavari stuck, while Tepou Éissarann fell out of favor. The constituencies of Kotavari (in Sato) and Tepou Éissarann (in what is now Kotavari) existed in the Sabioveronese Parliament until 2016.

Kotavari was important to the Southern Territories from its foundation. While it lacked the pre-existing permanent population of neighboring Monesari and Alios, its position was strategic for settlement. Kotavari is located at the gateway between Sabia and Verona's Southern Territories and Argentina, meaning it's imperative for Sabia and Verona's economy. The city became the capital of Gonn when the Alios-Capital Region was split into the autonomous City of Alios and the Region of Gonn, in 2015.[1]

In 2015, Kotavari was the place where the Treaty of Kotavari, between the Left Alliance, Bakinn, and the National Artists' Guild, was signed.[2] From 2015 to 2017, Kotavari was divided into different parliamentary constituencies; the constituency of Kotavari, which consisted of the southern part of the prefecture, was represented by Shounn Virny (who was the Kingdom's longest-serving Prime Minister) from 2015 to 2017. When the electoral system was reformed ahead of the 2017 general election, Kotavari became part of the Gonn parliamentary district. In 2017, the prefecture elected Dovedán Pashor of the Left Alliance as its prefect.[3]

In 2018, the newest member of the royal house, Lady Harái Kodavái Karjasari, was created "Countess of Kotavari" (aibarág kotavaro).


As a prefecture, Kotavari is directly administered by a democratically elected prefect, or mayor. The one-person prefectural government is subordinated to the regional government, in the case of Kotavari, the government of Gonn. The Prefect of Kotavari is Amanita Aħari, of the Democratic Party. Aħari was elected in 2018.

List of leaders

Name Started Ended Party Notes
Dovedán Pashor 22 May 2017 9 July 2018 Democrat Elected at the 2017 general election
Amanita Aħari 9 July 2018 present Democrat Elected at the 2018 local election