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Region of Gonn
akurói gonann
Flag of the Region of Gonn-Fergos.png
Arms of the Region of Gonn-Fergos.png
ve senne mononá
(Sabian: "I protect the gate")
Location of Sabia and Verona within the Federation
Capital Kotavari
Demonym Gonnin
Languages Sabian
Governor Dovedán Pashor (Democrat)
Admission to the Kingdom 7 December 2015 (separated from the Alios-Capital Region)
Area 0.0486 km2
Population 32a (2015)
Time zone UTC-3
Mon of Gonn

a Includes both federal and provincial citizens.

The Region of Gonn (Sabian: akurói gonann), often referred to as the Gonn (gonnán) is one of the five first-tier administrative divisions of Sabia and Verona, and alongside the City of Alios, one of the two first-tier administrative divisions comprising Sabia and Verona's Southern Territories. Unlike the Northern regions, Gonn is directly administered by the central government through a governor. It's divided into three prefectures: Monesari, Sato, and Kotavari. The region was originally a part of the now defunct Alios-Capital Region, which intended to bind together all of the districts that originally conformed the city of Alios. This arrangement, however, proved to be difficult to manage as it was a very large and populated area.[1]


The word gonn means "tunnel" or "portal" in Middle Sabian. It was chosen because of the region's position as the literal gateway to the rest of the Southern Territories, chiefly Alios.[1]

Government and administration

Unlike the other regions in the Northern Territories, the Gonn is considered a "centralized region" by the Constitution of Sabia and Verona, and is thus administered directly by the central government through the Governor of the Region of Gonn, who is elected in free elections by the region's population and responds to the Parliament. Unlike the "autonomous regions" of the North, the Gonn does not count with a Regional Council of its own and relies on the Governor and the Parliament to dictate regional law. The current governor is Dovedán Pashor, of the Democratic Party. Pashor was elected in 2018.

Administrative divisions

The territory spanned by the Region of Gonn is divided into three prefectures and a dependency. The three prefectures are Monesari, Sato, and Kotavari, the capital. The dependency, known provisionally as the Dependency of Gin Voltaxi, spans the entire south of the Region.