Arts Division (Sabia and Verona)

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Arts Division
SIV Arts Division logo.png
Logo since 2020
Division overview
Formed18 October 2012
JurisdictionSabia and Verona
Zamolodchikova 200, Alios
Minister responsible
Child agencies
Sabia and Verona
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The Arts Division (Sabian: niritrañ) is one of the divisions (ministries) that make up the government of Sabia and Verona. It is in charge of overseeing the national state's cultural policies, and it is responsible for the promotion and preservation of the culture of Sabia and Verona. It was originally founded as the Ministry for Regional Identity on 18 October 2012; the first Minister for Regional Identity was Léon Galieri, who served in Napoléon Bleuberrie's first government. It became the Ministry for Culture in Galieri's own government, and then it was given its current name in Shounn Virny's first government.

Among its chief responsibilities are regulating the Kingdom's two conlangs (Sabian and Lycene) through the tairobók (Sabian Commission) and axVootir (Lycene Commission), proposing and promoting national holidays, proposing recipients for the orders of honor of the Kingdom (the Baphomet, the Needle and the Hummingbird), and regulating the relationship of the state with the Church of the Pahun.

Since 2019, the Secretary of the Arts has been Pomme-Gabrielle Gauvier, as part of the 12th government. Gauvier is a renowned actor and director who was previously a party official in the Sahoedang.

List of responsible ministers

Ministers for Regional Identity (2012—14)

Portrait Name Term of office Party Prime Minister Ministry Ref.
LeonGalieri.jpg Léon Galieri
MC for Saint Enric
18 October
1 January
Socialist Bleuberrie 1st [1]
Carlamora.jpg Carla Mora
MC for Caenia
1 January
1 October
Unity Kóvérsz 2nd [2]
Bleuberrie 3rd [3]
Petyr Cohen.jpg Petyr Cohen 1 October
1 April
Roots Stefanović 4th [4]

Ministers for Culture (2014—15)

Portrait Name Term of office Party Prime Minister Ministry Ref.
National Arms of Sabia and Verona.png Andreina Rossini
MC for Tegula III
1 April
1 October
Left Galieri 5th [5]
National Arms of Sabia and Verona.png François Florent
MC for Aguasblancas III
1 October
1 October
Unity Rivière 6th [6]

Secretaries of the Arts (2015—present)

Portrait Name Term of office Party Prime Minister Ministry Ref.
Ryampiper.jpg Ryam Piper 1 October
22 May
Artist Virny 7th [7]
8th [8]
National Arms of Sabia and Verona.png Simor de Jena
MP for the Alios List
22 May
3 June
Liberal Dargany 9th [9]
10th [10]
Blackhorse 11th [11]
PGGSiV.jpg Pomme Gauvier
MP for the Alios List
3 June
Incumbent Democrat Cerwyn 12th [12]
13th [13]


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