First Dargany cabinet

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First Dargany cabinet
9th ministry of Sabia and Verona

Date formed 22 May 2017
Date dissolved 28 May 2018
People and organizations
Head of government Noa Dargany
Head of state King Tarik
No. of ministers 6
Member party Liberals
Status in legislature Minority
(with DSN confidence & supply)
Opposition party Democratic Party
Opposition leader Apollo Cerwyn
Election(s) 2017
Legislature term(s) 3rd Parliament (9th Legislature)
Previous Virny II
Successor Dargany II
"Dargany Cabinet" redirects here. For the ministry in office from May 2018 to October 2018, see second Dargany cabinet.

The first Dargany cabinet took office on 22 May 2017, following the 2017 general election in Sabia and Verona. It was formed and led by Prime Minister Noa Dargany, and composed solely of members of the Liberals. It counted with the status of minority government in the Parliament of Sabia and Verona, aided by a confidence and supply agreement with the National Artists' Guild, and was officially known as the 9th government. It was the first cabinet to be formed under the Constitution of 2017.

It was preceded by the second Virny cabinet, formed by Artist Shounn Virny, who led the government in coalition with the Left Alliance following the 2016 general election. It was replaced by the second Dargany cabinet, formed in the aftermath of the 2018 general election.


At the 2016 general election, the Unity Party won the most seats in Parliament, but the National Artists' Guild (second most seats) and the recently reformed Left Alliance (third) formed a weak coalition government counting with a plurality just a seat smaller than Unity's.[1] After a couple of months of unstable rule, the coalition began to unravel over the Left's calls for constitutional reform, one of their long-standing platform points.[2][3] After the La Plata incident, a controversy with NNS Prime Minister Shounn Virny at the epicenter, cals for the PM to resign were made by both the Left and the Liberals, who teamed up to push for the invokation of a constitutional assembly.[4][5] After a referendum, the parties all agreed to convoke a Constitutional Assembly to replace the controversial 2015 Constitution.[6]

The Constitutional Assembly approved a new constitution on 20 April 2017, and it was ratified the following day by King Tarik.[7] Fresh elections were originally set for 30 April, but after an appeal by the National Artists' Guild, the interim Electoral Commission moved the election date to May 14.[8]

The election resulted in major gains for the Liberals and the Left, which won one and two seats in Parliament, respectively. The Liberals were the largest party both in Gonn and Alios, getting over 50% of the popular vote, but still failed to reach a majority with only 10 seats. Immediately after the election's results were released by the Electoral Commission, the Left ruled out forming any coalitions with the Artists or the Liberals. The Liberals then became the most likely to form a government, with Liberal leader Andrew Blackhorse being mentioned as favorite to become PM.[9]

Cabinet formation

Shortly after election day, Prime Minister Virny pointed out on his Twitter account that the Liberals' government formation talks were being headed by Deputy Leader Noa Dargany, instead of Blackhorse. The next day, the Liberal leadership revealed Dargany was their pick to become Prime Minister, as Blackhorse intended to step down from the party's leadership in the near future.[10] On 19 May 2017, Dargany received the King's mandate to form the 9th government of Sabia and Verona, which was confirmed by the 3rd Parliament on 22 May.[11]


Portfolio Name Assumed
9th Government of Sabia and Verona
Prime Minister Noa Dargany 22 May 2017 3 June 2019   Liberal
Secretary of Defense
Deputy Prime Minister Emmanuel Starlynn 22 May 2017 28 May 2018 Liberal
Secretary of Commerce 3 June 2019
Secretary of Diplomacy Andrew Blackhorse 22 May 2017 3 June 2019 Liberal
Secretary of Welfare 28 May 2018
Secretary of Justice Dímeros Grenouille 22 May 2017 28 May 2018 Liberal
Secretary of the Arts Simor de Jena 22 May 2017 3 June 2019 Liberal
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Botany Shassel Marlaryen 22 May 2017 3 June 2019 Liberal