Order of the Steel Ring

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Order of the Steel Ring
Ordêra Torgasanê Dishokas
Dhixon Torghaxij in Xinsuu
Awarded by the King of the Valtirians
Established26 August 2013
MottoMiar lesir acu Ataaxi eteceesar ikuoo umoq eluusar
("Those who plead to the Moon forever will be cursed")
Awarded forContributions to the cause of Lycem, the Lycene culture and the micronational world.
Lord MaestreH.R.H. Tarik of Kârjasary
GradesBrother / Sister
First induction26 August 2013
Total inductees9
Next (higher)Order of the Needle
Next (lower)Order of the Hummingbird

The Order of the Steel Ring (Sabian: Ordêra Torgasanê Dishokas), officially the Eastern and Lycene Order of the Night King's Steel Ring was an award given by the Monarchy of Sabia and Verona to both national and intermicronational individuals. It was originally founded as the Nāgon nae Dhyśon Torghaśıj by the King of Lycem Tarik Kârjasary in 2013 with the Edict of the Steel Ring, and it was dissolved in 2017.

It was a classless civilian order; all members were known as "Brothers and Sisters" of the Order. The head of the Order was the King of the Valtirians, the last of which Tarik of Kârjasary.

History and Legend

The Order was founded on 26 August 2013 by Tarek Kârjasary as King of Lycem, seeing the nation lacked any honours to bestow on its nationals and allied foreigners. The Order takes its name from a ring of steel (currently a part of the Sabioveronese Regalia), intending to resemble the Torghaxij (ring) of Mireon.

According to the legend, Mireon was a setraacsionar prince, a human carrying blood of free spirits. He belonged to the Merighaniin Seenionar, a large setraacsionar blood clan inhabiting the forests around the Annasiiqoxervi'iin Daeoorghon. Mireon desired to be the greatest hunter of his clan, and take down the night-dwelling Groojiinumogheesinae, the black jaguar of the Groojii tree. The prince went to the top of the Annasiiqoxervii in the night of the full moon, when the King of the Night was the happiest, and asked him for a help to hunt down the gheesinae. The King of the Night agreed to help him by giving him a ring made of steel and mercury, infused with the magic of the night sky's stars. The ring gave Mireon the ability to see through the forest in the night as if the sun was atop the skies in place of the moon, and he was able to find the ghesinae hidden among the trees and foliage.

A fateful arrow straight to the heart took down the gheesinae, and a satisfied Myreon took the dead animal back to the clan's camp to show it to his fellow clansmen, but in the way his vision started to blur and he couldn't see anything but white. His fingertips started to burn and his hair turned to ash, and his eyes melted and became dew on the grass. His body burned with the intensity of a thousand suns, and then there was nothing left of him but his heart, trapped inside the gheesinae's body, beating the animal's blood. Myreon was cursed to dwell the forests in the body of the gheesinae for all of eternity until the Eye of Daemon darkens and the prophecy of the Iixataari comes true.

Mireon's story is an example of why the King of the Night is distrusted, and those who plead to the full moon are bound to be cursed, as the motto of the Order warns: Miar lesir acu Ataaxi eteceesar icuoo umoq eluusar; those who plead to the Moon forever will be stained. This is also an example of the sun-centric tendencies of Lycene mythology.

The modern version of the ring as it is used by Sabioveronese monarchs is never worn on the fingers because of this, but instead it is worn around the neck with a chain.

In 2016 a royal decree issued by King Tarik demoted the Order a level in the Kingdom's hierarchy of chivalry orders, below the Order of the Needle. In 2017, a royal decree disestablished the Order due to inactivity.