Welfare Division (Sabia and Verona)

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Welfare Division
SIV Welfare Division logo.png
Logo since 2020
Division overview
Formed1 October 2015
JurisdictionSabia and Verona
HeadquartersIma Bašo 500,
Kotavari, Gonn
Minister responsible
  • Hierba Kebragi, Secretary of Welfare
Sabia and Verona
Greater Arms of Sabia and Verona.png
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The Welfare Division (Sabian: asitrañ; it may also be translated as "Health Division") is one of the divisions (ministries) that make up the government of Sabia and Verona. It is in charge of the Sabioveronese state's policy on health, social welfare, family planning and consumption. It operates all of Sabia and Verona's public healthcare facilities. Additionally, the Welfare Division works with the Botany Division to coordinate national policy on the utilization, distribution and conservation of energy and water resources.

The functions of the Welfare Division were historically split between two ministries: the Ministry for Health and the Environment (2012–13) and the Ministry for Education and Welfare (2012–13). The latter took up most of the responsibilities on health and social welfare policy in the 3rd government. There were no "official" welfare ministers from 2013 to 2015, when the Welfare Division was created by Shounn Virny in the 7th government.

Since 2019, the Secretary of Welfare has been Hierba Kebragi, who is also Secretary of Botany in the 13th government.

List of responsible ministers

Secretaries of Welfare (2015—present)

Portrait Name Term of office Party Prime Minister Ministry Ref.
National Arms of Sabia and Verona.png Viktarios Sitaesy 1 October
1 October
Artist Virny 7th [1]
A Schubert-Moss.jpg Anton Schubert-Moss
MP for Monesari West
1 October
22 May
Artist 8th [2]
ABlackhorse.jpg Andrew Blackhorse
MP for the Alios List
22 May
28 May
Liberal Dargany 9th [3]
AshaqurS.jpg Shassel Marlaryen
MP for the Gonn List
28 May
3 June
Liberal 10th [4]
Blackhorse 11th [5]
National Arms of Sabia and Verona.png Hierba Kebragi
MP for the Gonn List
3 June
Incumbent Democrat Cerwyn 12th [6]
13th [7]