Royal anthem of Sabia and Verona

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tenar ñoaibari
English: All the Gold and Nacre
LyricsSuipom Goyo
MusicJean-Philippe Rameau
Adopted23 December 2019

tenar ñoaibari (Sabian: "All Gold and Nacre") is the royal anthem of Sabia and Verona. It was adopted in 2019. The lyrics were written by Suipom Goyo and set to the rondeau Forêts paisibles, from the 4th entrée of Jean-Philippe Rameau's 1735 opera Les Indes galantes. It is the first royal anthem in Sabia and Verona, as no other songs dedicated exclusively to the Monarchy had previously been adopted.

It was put in place in 2019 with Law TA4.5-2019, which also standardized the use and various versions of the coat of arms of the Kingdom.


The paragraphs in bold are the only ones sung in the abridged version of the anthem.

Sabian lyrics:
tenar ñoaibari (tenar ñoaibari),
barbunolannai valtirgenninán raián;
sennág valtiriann (sennág valtiriann),
akrí sian, oštrag arrusaruš dušmarkann!
mboš magudoti (mboš magudoti),
tarbunolannai valtirgenninán raián;
te, tai bunarinnán,
tebaro, ħrinti siartavi!
Literal translation (Sabian):
All gold and nacre (All gold and nacre),
for Their Plushen Majesty the King of the Valtirians;
Protector of Valtiria (Protector of Valtiria),
Our sire, may They be showered in Dussmark's strawberry milk!
Copper and moss quartz (Copper and moss quartz),
for Their Plushen Majesty the King of the Valtirians;
You, voice of the plushies,
oh Majesty, we bow to thee!