Order of the Hummingbird

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Order of the Hummingbird
daibók sanaħasonnán
Seal of the Order
Awarded by the King of the Valtirians
TypeMilitary order
Established26 November 2011 (First)
15 July 2013 (current)
Mottoħoxagi, nir, ñaħoxói
("Science, Art, Culture")
EligibilityMembers of the Sabioveronese defense forces unless otherwise specified.
Awarded forContributions to the development and performance of the Sabioveronese defense forces and peacekeeping in the Kingdom.
Lord MaestreH.P.M. Lord Tarik of Kârjasary
GradesFirst class (RS)
Second class (VS)
Third class (DS)
First induction26 November 2011
Total inductees8
Next (higher)Order of the Needle
Next (lower)None

The Order of the Hummingbird (Sabian: daibók sanaħasonnán) is a military order in Sabia and Verona and one of the Kingdom's three Orders of Honor. It was founded in November 2011 in Faryar, an early predecessor of Sabia and Verona subjected to the Zealandian Monarchy as part of the Rekswhaleskabet. It is awarded by the King of the Valtirians since 2014, and it was previously awarded by the Governor. It is awarded to military officers or individuals who have contributed to the development of the Sabioveronese Royal Armed Forces, which currently includes the the the Royal Aeronaval Force and the Royal Auror Corps, as well as the former Royal Land Army and Royal Navy.


The Order of the Hummingbird (Þövallorð) was founded on 26 November 2011, soon after The Faryar was founded and the Zealandian Monarchy obtained sovereignty over the territory. It was named for the Green Violetear (Colibri thalassinus), the symbolic animal of The Faryar. The award was given by the Prime Minister of Faryar, who at the time was Tarik Kârjasary. The original order was chivalric in nature and it was The Faryar's only regional award. It was given in total to seven people including three foreigners; Joseph Puglisi, King Ciprian and Declan I, II & V. The Order was subdivided into five classes: Hýffljega Stædijéri (Honorable Grand Knight), Stædijéri (Honorable Knight), Ijéri (Knight), Stædkjess (Grand Cross) and Kjess (Cross). The Faryar fell into inactivity around November 2011 and in March 2012 the Principality of Montriac was founded becoming the de facto successor of the Zealandian overseas territory.

The Order remained inactive until in July 2013, when the Sabioveronese government of Napoléon Bleuberrie retrieved old documents of the Order in the National Archives. After deliberation with the Courts of Sabia and Verona, it was agreed that the Order of the Hummingbird would be revived and used as a military order, awarded at the Governor's command. On 16 July 2013, the Government of Sabia and Verona and the Government of the Federation of Zealandia, represented by Bleuberrie and Queen Charlotte respectively signed an agreement in which it was stated that the Order and its related issues would be property of the Sabioveronese government. The agrement was ratified by King Ciprian the next day. The Order is since 2014 awarded by the Monarch of Sabia and Verona, first Isadora of Annenak, Queen of the Valtirians and presently Tarik of Kârjasary, King of te Valtirians.


The Order is divided into three classes, granted according to the recipient's military rank.

  • Marshal of the Order: The head of the Order. Given to the Monarch upon being crowned. The status is kept after leaving office. In this case, the former Monarch or Governor is known as Senior Marshal.
  • First class: Chief of Staff, General Commissioner, and other senior ranks in present or past military branches.
  • Second class: Junior ranks of present and past military ranks.
  • Third class: None of the above. May include either lower ranks of the Military or non-members of the military that have however contributed to the security and defense of Sabia and Verona.



  • Marshal and Senior Marshals:
  • First class:
  • Second class:
    • V. Adm. Timothy C. Lawrence, Navy Vice Admiral (R) – 16 July 2013
    • Capt. Bo Karjasari, National Guard First Company Captain – 20 October 2018
    • Capt. Kaj Karjasari, National Guard Second Company Captain – 20 October 2018
    • Grd. Harái R. Karjasari, National Guard First Company – 20 October 2019
    • Grd. Ignatius Lockhart, National Guard First Company – 20 October 2019