Principality of Montriac

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Principality of Montriac
Principado de Montriac


Principality of Montriac Flag.pngPrincely Arms of Montriac.png

Olens Hibiscus et ars per vita
Faryar location.png
Capital citySeoux
Official language(s)Spanish
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
Established12 February 2012
Disestablished2 March 2012

The Principality of Montriac was a short-lived micronational state in the Valtir Sector. It was founded on February 16, 2012 when the Zealandian Commonwealth realm of Faryar was dissolved as a result of its inactivity. Upon the Principality's foundation, Prince Claudio I was named sovereign prince of Montriac, and his nephew, Tarik Kârjasary, was appointed Prime Minister.

On 2 March 2012, the "Main Agreement of Union" was signed between Kârjasary (with the princely authority of Prince Claudio) and Grand Duke Lucas of Koss, effectively creating the Kossian Empire and re-establishing Montriac as an Archduchy. Kârjasary was named Archduke of Montriac, and Prince Claudio was deposed of his titles.

The dissolution of the Principality is commonly seen as the beginning of an extremely unstable period in the Valtir Sector. The Kossian Empire was short-lived and marred by the Kossian Civil War between the Imperial authority of Emperor Lucas and Archduke Tarik, culminating in the creation of the rebel Republic of Montriac and finally the Czean Republic all in March 2012. Czea and its succesor, the Federal Union of Cizland, were largely fantastical micronations with exceptional levels of sockpuppeting.