Harái Runa Kârjasary

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The Countess of Kotavari
Personal information
Born 4 September 2018 (2018-09-04) (age 4)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Citizenship Sabioveronese
Military service
Allegiance Flag of Sabia and Verona.pngWar flag of Sabia and Verona.png Sabia and Verona
Service/branch National Guard
In service 2018–present
Rank Guard
Unit 1st Company "Rai Isadora"
In this traditional Sabian name, Kodavái is the matronymic and Karjasari is the family name.

Harái Runa Karjasari, Countess of Kotavari[n 1] MAV VS (harái runa kodavái karjasari groxi, born 4 September 2018) is a Sabioveronese companion and national guard belonging to the House of Karjasari, the royal house of Sabia and Verona.

She was born in the neighborhood of Flores, in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. Days after her birth she was adopted by Koda Karjasari, Marquise of Arasi, and made a full member of the Royal Household. She was given her middle name due to her apparent similarity to Runa Karjasari, Countess of Sainte-Bérénice; her first name is the Sabian word for the bucare tree. She is also inscribed in Sabioveronese censuses as using the matronymic Kodavái, alluding to her connection to the Marquise of Arasi. On 20 October 2018, she was created Countess of Kotavari.

Since her arrival to Sabia and Verona Harái Runa has been a full member of the Sabioveronese National Guard, currently holding the rank of sennág (guard) in the 1st Company "Rai Isadora", under Captain Bo Karjasari.

Titles and honors

Harái Runa Karjasari counts with the style of:

  • Her Grace, Countess of Kotavari - since 20 October 2018

And has been bestowed the following honors:


  1. Kârjasary is the pre-reform spelling of the Modern Sabian Karjasari. The former is more commonly used in non-Sabian contexts.
Noble titles
Preceded by
New creation
Countess of Kotavari
20 October 2018 – present
Succeeded by