Runa-Lisandra Bartolucci

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The Countess of Sainte-Bérénice
1st President of Artaghe
In office
1 June 2012 - 1 July 2012
Prime Minister Tarik Kârjasary
Predecessor Office established
Successor Aina Oehler
Personal information
Born 24 July 2006 (2006-07-24) (age 13)
Campo Elías, Venezuela
Citizenship Sabioveronese
In this traditional Sabian name, Kodavái-Rosavái is the matronymic and Bartoluxi Karjasari is the family name.

Runa-Lisandra Bartolucci Kârjasary, Countess of Sainte-Bérénice IOB SOF (runa-maría-lisandra kodavái-rosavái bartoluxi karjasari, born 24 July 2006) is a Sabioveronese companion, former politician and President of the defunct Union of Artaghe, who has held many micronational titles and offices in the Valtir Sector ever since the creation of the Holy Dussesh Empire. She is a prominent member of the House of Kârjasary, which has formerly held various royal titles in the Valtir.

Bartolucci is commonly known for having served as President of the now-defunct Union of Artaghe for a one-month term in June 2012. She served as the Union's first President and was succeeded by Aina Oehler. Nowadays she is considered a hero of micronationalism in Sabia and Verona and a national symbol of the Valtir Sector.

Early and personal life

Runa was born on 24 July 2006, in a small farm in Vía Jají, Campo Elías, in Western Venezuela. She was adopted by the Kârjasary family shortly after her birth, and given as a birthday present to Tarik Kârjasary. She briefly had a relationship in 2010, which lasted until 2011. She is now a resident of Salisse, in Sabia, but is affiliated to the Vaaitos Prefecture as a citizen of the Town of Ejariveen.


She was named heir of the Holy Dussesh Empire, bearing the title of Magravine in April 2011. With the creation of the Kingdom of Montblanc and San Joan, she received the title Princess of Manú, and remained heir to the Montblancqi throne until the dissolution of the Kingdom. She was again heir-apparent of the Berinese Confederation as protégée of the Berinese Emperor, Tarik Kârjasary.

She was elected President of the short-lived Union of Artaghe on 1 June 2012 following an emergency election of the Artaghean Parliament. Her term was categorized as "undemocratic" and extremely inactive, and it was criticized by many due to the fact the Union had a dog for president. She left office after a month on 1 July 2012, having Aina Oehler as successor.

In July 2012, it was announced that she would be featured in the second series of the Artaghean lýrur baknotes, in the 60 lýrir bill, the highest denomination. She has been compared to the former St.Charlian President Whisky I.

After a long period of inactivity, she returned to micronational scene as appointed saeroben (Proto-Sabiolycene for "companion") of the King of Lycem in the Royal Court. Her position as saeroben lasted for one year until the Lycene Monarchy was disestablished and Lycem became part of Sabia and Verona. In Sabia and Verona, she is regarded as a hero of micronationalism, and has been awarded several honours and awards. She's generally considered a member of the former Lycene royal family. Since September 2014 she counts with provincial citizenship of Sabia and Verona, affiliated with the Town of Ejariveen in Vaaitos, Lycem.

Titles and Honours

She has counted with the styles:

  • Her Imperial Highness, Margravine of the Holy Dussesh Empire - April 2011 - May 2011.
  • Her Royal Highness, Princess of Manú - May 2011 - June 2011.
  • Her Imperial Highness, Crown Princess of Berin - June 2011 - August 2011.
  • Her Excellency, President of Artaghe - June 2012 - July 2012.
  • Tēndrāer, Saeroben of the Lycene Crown - December 2012 - February 2014.
  • Her Grace, Countess of Sainte-Bérénice - October 2014 - present.

And has been bestowed the following honours:

Political offices
Preceded by
Office established
President of Artaghe
1 June 2012 - 1 July 2012
Succeeded by
Aina Oehler